Copyright Statement

"Thank you for visiting my official website. This site and the FantasiaOnline site are the only locations with permission to display my copyright protected artwork on the internet. Publishers holding a contract with me who are actively producing materials incorporating my artwork may display representations of that work as part of the promotional advertising of their product. This official web site is maintained by someone I know personally and displays works of my choosing while providing information I supply in a manner I approve.

No other website has permission to post my artwork.

Second Nature Software Inc. has produced my artwork and that of my wife, Janny Wurts, as screensaver and desktop image collections entitled, "Magical Encounters", "Magical Encounters II", and "Enchanted Visions". They are the only entity contracted to display my art and that of Janny's in electronic form.

Scanning my art from published reproductions or downloading my art from the internet infringes my copyright protection. Posting scanned or downloaded images to a personal or commercial website is electronic publication and is in violation of those copyright laws. Scanning the book covers on which my art appears can only be done with the permission of the publisher of that book.

Will I give permission to individuals or companies to put my art on their personal websites?

- No.

Even if it is a 'not for profit' location?

- No.

Why Not? -

The internet is not a secure environment for copyrighted material. The posting of my art throughout the internet on various sites actually harms my future as a creative artist. If you wish to assist me in promoting my art, create links to this site or use the banners provided.

If you wish to enjoy my work on your computer screen, visit this site regularly. Better yet, purchase the screensaver software from Second Nature and accept my gratitude because you are both supporting me and aiding an organization I believe in as well - the Nature Conservancy, who directly benefit from Second Nature's screensaver profits. They are the only entity authorized to sell my work in digital and form as a collection.  Any other digitally offered collection of my work offers as a CD or as a download is an infringement of my copyright.  My art is not and has never been offered as free art or as "Clip Art".  There have been listngs on Ebay of CDs with my art included for sale as free art- available for reproduction. This is an unauthorized scan of printed merchandise an is NOT produced with my knowledge or permission.

My images are not to be scanned into Photoshop or other digital manipulation software for any purpose without my written permission. Even if the result is a completely altered entity.

At my official site, I control the information and how it is presented.

If I were to allow easy access to my work, it would be too readily available for alteration or to be sold as product, which may be in violation of an existing contract I have signed with a publisher who has legitimately paid for rights to the art. Instead of benefiting me with promotional value and dressing up your website, posting my artwork could cause me and you legal liabilities.

Please create links to this website and enjoy it. And do provide suggestions as to how we can make it better.