Correct Format for Submitting a Manuscript
Page Format:
Paper: 8.5"x11" 20# bond white paper.
Ink: Black
Spacing: Double Spaced
Magins: 1" Top, Left, Right and Bottom
Paragraphs: Courier 12 point Type Face
Indent first line.
No extra space between paragraphs.
Approximately 10 words to the line.
Page: 25 - 27 lines per page
Header: Include author's name, title and page #
Italics: Words to be italicized should be underlined.
Scene Breaks: Scene breaks should be indicated by a centered # sign.
Cover Sheet: Name, Address, Telephone, in upper left corner, single-spaced.
Title halfway down the page, line break, Author's Name.
Include notation of total number of pages in manuscript.
Do not staple, bind or attach pages; pages must be loose.
Last page of manuscript should have (End) after the last line.