Navigation for this site is accomplished primarily through the use of a menu bar at the top of the page. This menu appears on every page loaded.

To use the menu simply move your mouse over the menu. Menu entries respond in one of two ways.

  1. If a menu is a link to a page the mouse cursor will turn into a hand. Clicking on one of these links will open the page to which it points.
  2. If a menu item has a submenu associated with it a small triangle will appear next to the text. Moving your mouse over one of these entries will cause the submenu to open, revealing additional choices. For example, moving your mouse over Bulletins will cause Appearances, Releases, and Interviews to appear as choices.
  3. Note: some menu items will be both links and have submenu items associated with them. For example, moving your mouse over Books will reveal the books submenu. Moving your mouse over 'List of Books' will cause the cursor to turn into a hand, indicating it is a link to Titles in Print as well as open a submenu.

Some pages have additional navigation elements. The Portfolio section uses a horizontal scrolling list of thumbnail images at the bottom of the screen that can be clicked to show the larger image above. Also, pages that display books belonging to a series will have links at the bottom of those pages linking to the other books in the series.

Pages that display single images may have the abitility to click the image to display additional ones. This is true for pages displaying book covers where more than one edition or translation of the book has been published. This is also how the Tips for Aspiring writers pages function.


Every effort has been made to design and implement this website so that it will function with the most popular web browsers. Testing has been done using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 6.0, 4.74, and 4.72, Opera, and Mozilla. In the older versions of Netscape some quirks do occur from time to time. Specifically, the menu may not load correctly. Reloading the page will usually resolve this problem. Opera will sometimes display the submenus out of place but usually corrects itself. Mozilla seems to be particularly sensitive to navigating through the menu. One browser which does not seem to work is Konquerer for Linux. Our suggestion is to use the Mozilla browser instead.