Story Timeline
Ships of Merior
The Wars of Light and Shadow: Volume II
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What Has Gone Before:

Third Age Year: 5638

Arithon apprentices himself to the Masterbard, Halliron, and takes on the disguised persona of Medlir to deny his half brother, and the directive of the curse, a fixed target.

Third Age Year: 5643

The Fellowship Sorcerers reinstate crown rule in Havish, under High King Eldir. In redress for irresponsible conduct, Dakar the Mad Prophet is assigned to Arithon’s protection.

Third Age Year: 5644

Dakar tries to escape his charge and links up with Halliron and “Medlir” on the eastshore, whereupon his scapegrace behavior with town authorities in Jaelot leads to Halliron’s death and Arithon’s breaking his disguise as Medlir, then achieving the title of Masterbard of Athera.

Arithon relocates down the eastshore enroute to the southcoast, with Dakar’s escapades earning him the enmity of the powerful clan family of Duke Bransian s’Brydion of Alestron.

Elaira receives her longevity from the Koriani Order for the purpose of keeping track of Arithon, since the sisterhood considers him a danger.

Lysaer solidifies his alliance of town interests, rebuilds the ruined citadel at Avenor, marries Talith, and begins his maneuvers to claim ancestral title to rulership of Tysan through town law, which inflames the clan council against him.

Faced by the muster for a massive war, Arithon founds a shipyard in the fishing village of Merior, where he constructs blue-water sailing vessels with intent to escape to sea. He meets and befriends two fatherless twin children, Fiark and Feylind. He encounters Elaira, under orders from her Prime to involve herself in Arithon’s affairs. Their affection deepens when a joint attempt to heal an injured fisherman creates an empathic link between them.

Third Age Year: 5645

Lysaer leads a war host to Rathain, with intent to sail south and crush Arithon in the fishing village of Merior. But Arithon intercepts Lysaer’s allied troops at Minderl Bay and through wiles and shadow, triggers the Mistwraith’s curse beforetime. Inflamed to insane rage, Lysaer burns the fleet he intended to transport his war host, leaving his campaign stranded and delaying his assault through the onset of winter.

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