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   By Róisín on Wednesday, October 27, 2004 - 05:01 am: Edit Post

I'd love to know:

Why wouldn't the Paravians name the wraithes?

Just because they were evil?

Or is there some redemptive purpose to that choice?

Neil: I'll also jump into the fire. (again? :-) ) It is interesting to observe the anxiety expressed in the drive to prevent the proliferation of atomic weapons, given past history.

It's a bit like my experience of learning martial arts: in the process I changed my attitude to become more 'assertive'. I used it once in a mild form, in a disagreement, and experienced unpleasant consequences of using it. I learned the value of the alternative way of peaceful means of achieving understanding, and to respect the power of the knowledge I gained.

Then, in trying to push this lesson onto others, I realised that that the best way to teach others (e.g. my future kids) is not only to lead by example; but also to allow them to make their mistakes, offer advice if asked, but let them learn for themselves, through consequence.

Now, if I could just be as understanding of my own mistakes! :-)

   By Neil on Wednesday, October 27, 2004 - 05:52 am: Edit Post

Róisín, no fire from me today...just some comments I picked from the board...

Janny writes (FAQ Fellowship): [Traithe] could not grapple Name for the wraiths. Did not recognize their consciousness as human, as Sethvir and Asandir did, much later (and Paravians did AT ONCE. But being as they are, they had no word for what these consciousnesses had become - no shared paradigm - and the ramifications of this are coming later...)

- Curious to see a limitation of a paravian. I tend to see them as "superbeings" who seem to be able do almost 'anything' but they are not infallable. They are simply different and perceive differently...

As to "why", well Paravians don't label "evil" (see FAQ) maybe "redemptive purpose"/change process for mankind is a possibility.

The way the townborn are going, their days are limited: The F7 are obliged to ensure Paravian survival (whether they currently have the time/resources is in doubt but *time* is not a limitation for the F7 if push comes to shove and Athera's forces themselves in all their dizzying dimensions can be asked to aid the Fellowship, I guess!).

Janny writes (FAQ Paravians): Paravians do NOT perceive linearly - they do not perceive inside Time/space. Therefore a linear analog - of cause to effect - will not be a straight line.... it will be dimensional. And multi dimensional - beyond space/time.

   By Izzy on Thursday, October 28, 2004 - 09:38 am: Edit Post

Hey all,

I've learnt well reading Janny's work that you have to read what she writes VERY carefully. I've only seen one slip up in this text so far where Kharadmon says to Lysaer that his flesh died 500 years past(scene where Kharadmon delivers the news that Arithon has taken Talith as a hostage for ransom in WoV). That was actually Luhaine according to info in later books and the Glossary.

Back on to the very carefully note...

Sethvir does say that the wraiths were once human. However, he could have been referring to the bulk of the entities that make up Desh-Thiere. The original set of entities broke loose from their containment and possessed all the remaining life "on two worlds". I'm assuming that means Marak and the stepping stone world that links to Athera (similar to Dascen Elur and the Red Desert planet). The text (to my knowledge) never explicitly says whether or not the first set of entities were human ones. If someone does find that confirmation, I'd love the volume/page :D However, it could be assumed... but we all know what it's like to assume with Janny's work :D

Neil, when did Morriel say that? I'm assuming in the scene where she visits Althain to have the limitation removed from the Waystone? I haven't gotten up to that part in WoV yet (I'm doing the pre-TK re-read). I know that the concept of Arithon being able to release the wraiths was discussed by the F7 in WoV. I think Luhaine said it. But the qualifier was that each individual wraith would have to be separated from the collective mass first.

Anyways, enough rambling from me for the moment.



   By Neil on Friday, October 29, 2004 - 02:21 am: Edit Post


In COTM, Sethvir muses that Arithon could build on his training and free the rockfell-imprisoned mistwraith but that he is one of the persons most unlikely to do so. This seems to logically foreshadow the fact that in Peril's gate the mistwraith, using Arithon's knowledge, given time could escape on it's own! (In fact, Kharadmon admits that nearly all things imprisoned there escape sooner or later, except the Iyats that Davien released! This is actually pretty scary...)

But I guess you were talking about redeeming the free wraiths... :-)

When Moriel visits Althain Tower, she says something like "depending on a masterbard to redeem the free wraiths is a thin straw to clutch at" - so she believes, at least, it could be done.

The F7 seem to believe at that point that Arithon's life is worth many other deaths. Kharadmon say something like "we are talking about saving all life on Athera"

I also stumbled on a passage 30-50 pages later when Moriel concludes that since Arithon is so important to the F7, it is worth having him as hostage in order to control the F7.

From Fionn's birth prophesy, I am guess that Fion will have to sacrifice himself to save Arithon at some point...but it will be Elaira's choice to make? Presumably if Fionn reaches old age, Arithon doesn't and cannot "save the planet" (the biggest "threat" is currently the free wraiths (?)

   By Trys on Sunday, May 15, 2005 - 09:03 am: Edit Post


I moved your post to the Spoiler Topic (subtopic Musings) as it contained a pretty big spoiler for anyone who hasn't read TK. :-)


   By Silvia on Friday, May 20, 2005 - 07:28 am: Edit Post


Sorry about that! Hope no one got hurt...will try to do better!


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