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   By Trys on Thursday, February 08, 2007 - 05:04 am: Edit Post


The headache part of updating the dictionary is digging into the software's documentation to figure out what I have to do as it is something that gets done often and it is a manual process.

I should check for an update to software to see if they've added an administrator's tool to do this.

I will try to remember to do this over the weekend... in between catching up on sleep. ;)


   By Janny Wurts on Thursday, February 08, 2007 - 11:25 am: Edit Post

OK - the word is back from the Editor at HarperCollins, London, and the verdict is,


The release date is correct as listed on Amazon, and this is the voice from On High.

NOVEMBER 5th, 2007, for the British release of Stormed Fortress.

Export edition for Australia and New Zealand - could vary, but it will fall in line from this date, however those things usually happen.

   By Nathan on Thursday, February 08, 2007 - 11:55 am: Edit Post

That's great news Janny. It's not often that I thank my lucky stars that I live in England, but today is one of those days!!!!

My Stormed Fortress is now pre-ordered :-)

Thank you so much Janny, you've made my year :-)

   By Konran on Thursday, February 08, 2007 - 05:16 pm: Edit Post

D= Depending on US release, I may be ordering my copy from the UK.

   By Walt on Thursday, February 08, 2007 - 06:41 pm: Edit Post

Is Miesha Merlin doing your US release? They bind a quality book (cover color goof not withstanding) and I know they'll do a bang-up job on SF. Perchance a simultaneous release?

*puppy-dog eyes*

   By Mark Timmony on Thursday, February 08, 2007 - 08:27 pm: Edit Post

Australia will get it at the same time Janny.

HC do a HB and TP version at the same time. We'll have the TP on time as it's printed here, the HB might be a couple of weeks after as they are printed in the UK.


So, I can start hassling my contacts about 3-4 months out.

   By Sarah Shoniker on Friday, February 09, 2007 - 03:10 am: Edit Post

I remember when Traitor's Knot came out I was lucky enough to be in New Zealand at the time of its release and it was the best Xmas present I could have asked for! Luckily I was stranded in Auckland for a few days and ended up locked in my dorm room reading for 3 days straight (incidentally, those 3 days were by far the best I've ever spent in Auckland... no offense to any JAFAs, but it's not the best introduction to NZ, and I was really happy to leave!).
It's a shame that this year I won't be overseas, so will have to order mine from one of the prelisted countries. Hopefully I'll save a little extra and express mail it so I can enjoy it all the faster!!! No way am I waiting for the US release; these books are seriously addictive =D!!!! THANK YOU JANNY!!!!!

   By Hunter on Friday, February 09, 2007 - 04:24 am: Edit Post

Hi Janny,

Will there be an updated map for this release?


   By Janny Wurts on Thursday, February 15, 2007 - 03:47 pm: Edit Post

What's Happening -

Good stuff - the book is into production, it will be copy edited by the same folks - yay!- so the continuity will be all in line.

I've consulted about getting the Appendix from Fugitive Prince added in to the UK Stormed Fortress - and they're going to try. It's a big book....but no squalls so far!!

I am up to my elbows in cover art - for the British edition. Soon there will be something to show you - it will be composite, again, with the graphic style cover done from three separate paintings.

Then the reissue books will get their cover art done...

Meantime - a possible new Athera short work on the horizon, to play with before I start Arc the brain is very busy!

The map always gets updated...but if production is a squeeze, not always when I'd like. In this case - the timing should be fine for finishing all the little details.

I've been able to scan some of the Paravia sketchbook (way behind in that department!) So - hopefully soon this site can be brought more up to date.

If anyone's going to be at Mid South Con in March - that date is coming up in a very big it seems to me, anyhow.

   By Frank T Davis on Thursday, February 15, 2007 - 07:38 pm: Edit Post

Appreciate very much if you'd provide details for the March Mid South Con. Never been to one, but this could be the first.


   By Trys on Thursday, February 15, 2007 - 08:11 pm: Edit Post



   By BILLEEBEE on Monday, February 19, 2007 - 06:24 am: Edit Post

Wow Janny!!
You must be a super-human book writing machine hehe ;) When do you get to eat, sleep etc!!! Anyways Thanks to your dedication we get to read some of the most interesting, intricate and exciting novels available on bookshop shelves. **** You're a star **** Anticipating the read, but can't say the same for my hubby, he's so jeaous of your mastery and the way it hypnotizes me hehe!!

   By Izzy on Tuesday, February 20, 2007 - 05:12 pm: Edit Post

/quote{getting the Appendix from Fugitive Prince added}

Janny... Did you mean the Appendix from TK?



   By Dorothy on Sunday, February 25, 2007 - 08:37 am: Edit Post

Haven't been able to visit here for quite some time, so it was great to see the publishing date for SF.Now to pre-order on Amazon

   By Annette on Sunday, March 04, 2007 - 10:17 pm: Edit Post

Score one for the good guys. I was at a book store last week and I was asking to special order something and the lady asked me if I knew of any Sci Fi books that she could order because she wanted to expand and flesh out the collection and before she could finish her sentence I practically screamed Janny Wurts. It is very hard to find any of Janny's books actually on the shelf here. I spoke to a person who was doing some shopping in a Barnes and Noble a while back and he complained that he could never find one of his favourite authors on the shelves and always either had to order them or find them at the used book stores and when I asked him whom he was speaking of he said Janny Wurts. I almost dropped the books I was holding and said yeah she is one of my favourite authors too and I know exactly what you are talking about. So we are getting there folks slowly but surely....

   By Annette on Sunday, March 04, 2007 - 10:18 pm: Edit Post

P.S. I forgot to add that the sales lady at the book store said that she would order everything that she could get her hands on by Janny. Yeahhhhhhh.

   By Janny Wurts on Monday, March 05, 2007 - 11:14 am: Edit Post

Annette - I love you guys!!!! Thanks.

STATUS REPORT - the cover paintings (three) for Stormed Fortress's British cover are off to the photographer's today to be shot....the lovely note back from my editor said, she thought this could be the best cover yet for the series!!!! Whoo hoo.

Once I get the digital files back, we'll have a preview up on site here.

All that remains now for this title is - drumroll - the graphic for the chapter head, and the interior black and white art.

   By Blue on Monday, March 05, 2007 - 04:56 pm: Edit Post

Get out the mop, it's time to DRRRROOOLLLLL!!

   By motley on Thursday, March 08, 2007 - 02:19 pm: Edit Post

British Edition means we get it around the same time as NZ and Oz...

Just what I wanted to hear as I logged on for the first time in a while. Mmmmmhmmmm.

And yes... we love you too Janny!


   By Jason Dagle on Monday, March 12, 2007 - 11:51 am: Edit Post

Is there a release date for the US yet? If it's much later than the UK release, I'll just get it from there.