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   By Blue on Tuesday, October 12, 2004 - 02:30 pm: Edit Post

More than likely drugs. Chet had a baggie of catnip out a few months ago that Camas and Stormy were very keen to get into. I kept telling him to put it into a tupperware or rubbermaid container because the smell was driving them up the wall... or at least, further up the wall than they already were. Well, Chet put the stuff on top of his five drawer filing cabinet, saying they'd never be able to reach it. I said, "Houdini leaps 9 feet without thinking about it. A six foot filing cabinet is an absolute obstacle!"

Sure enough, one night after I let the cats out to eat, I started hearing all sorts of bizarre behavior. I figured they had gotten the baggie of catnip, but I figured I would let Chet make the discovery.

Well, there was catnip strung the length of the hallway between my room and Chet's. When he got home, he hollered at the cats, but I told him to put a sock in it, because HE did not secure the nip properly. "But they know they're not supposed to be up there!" he yelped.

"Oh, yeah, we BOTH know that OBEDIENCE is the stock in trade for cats, especially these two nutcases!"

Chet ended up doing more than one very thorough vacuuming, but occasionally I still see them rolling around and acting nipped up in the hall.

Sunday the Hutt was ruled out as a suspect for two major reasons: Firstly, she does not seem to like catnip. Secondly, she's too fat to jump up onto the filing cabinet [or anything else for that matter] to cause the trouble the boys do. For that reason, Chet calls her "Daddy's angel."

   By Blue on Wednesday, December 08, 2004 - 10:50 pm: Edit Post

This is from a list I belong to, that I thought would be fitting for this forum. # 3 thus far is true, at least until I can get my grubby little mitts on a copy of TK. I believe my score is 25, if I added up the points right.

Are you a cat addict?

1. Do you, or have you ever owned a cat(s)?
2. Have you felt like you are the pet?
3. Do you spend more time playing/cuddling with your cat(s) than reading a book or watching TV?
4. Does your cat(s) eat better than you?
5. Does your cat(s) furniture look nicer than the people furniture?
6. Does your cat have more toys than you do?
7. Do you spend more on the cat toys and food than you do on treats for yourself?
8. Are your cat(s) considered family members with complete voting rights?
9. Do you move over at night so the cat(s) have more room in bed?
10. Have you bought/considered buying a bigger bed so the cat(s) have more room?
11. Are nose prints on windows a permanent fixture?
12. Do you/have you ever gotten down on all fours and batted a cat toy to entice your cat(s) to play?
13. Do you mimic the meows and purrs of a cat?
14. Can you purr while inhaling and exhaling?
15. Do you refer to yourself/spouse/partner as Mommy/Meowmie or Daddy?
16. Do you refer to your cat(s) as "furbaby" or "furkid"?
17. Have you ever moved for the comfort of your cat(s)?
18. Have you chosen a spouse/partner based on your cat(s) recommendation?
19. Have you ever just watched a sleeping cat?
20. Have you ever gone to the store to buy a necessary item such as toilet paper, shampoo, etc., only to find yourself driving away with cat toys, having completely forgotten why you went in the first place?
21. Have you ever changed your sleeping habits or positions for the comfort of your cat(s)?
22. Have you ever found yourself sleeping in the exact same position as your cat(s)?
23. Have you ever rearranged the furniture so that your cat(s) have better access to windows?
24. Does your collection of cat-related books, magazines, or videos take up an entire bookshelf/case?
25. Is the cat theme a primary decorating technique?
26. Have you ever caught yourself bird-watching with your cat(s)?
27. Is cat hair a major food group?
28. Have you ever opened a can of cat food and thought "that smells kinda good"?
29. Do you like cats better than most people?
30. Do you feel guilty if you go out to eat and not bring back something for your cat(s)?
31. Do you spend more on your cat(s) than on yourself?
32. Have you turned the TV to an animal show so your cats can watch?
33. Do you spend more time on cat-related chat boards and pages than anywhere else?
34. Do you read snippets of cat magazines or books to your cat(s)?
35. Are cats the most fascinating creatures on earth?

Add up all your YES answers to get your cat-itis score!

8 or less: You have caught the bug, but are still relatively sane. Just give it time.

9-16: You have a mild case of cat-itis. Seek no medical treatment; there is no cure. Now is the time to begin playing with cat toys and seeking new toys around the house. Work on that meow, the tone is slightly off.

17-26: Your condition is severe. Cats have a firm hold on your life. This is the point where anything cat is more interesting than people. Your purr may still need work though.

27+: You are now an honorary cat, you may groom yourself when and where you please. You have the purr and meow down pat. It is not unusual to find yourself thinking as a cat.

Flippy in Melbourne, Australia.

   By Jay_Jay on Thursday, December 09, 2004 - 11:50 am: Edit Post

LOL! Speaking of cats, I often wake up these mornings to find a sleeping cat either curled up on my chest, or nestled between my legs.

I've been sleeping in my old single bed some nights, too, now that I'm alone, and it is AMAZING just how much room a 7 month old kitten can take up!

Blue, what's with your e-mail addy? I sent you an e-mail 2 days ago, and it looks like it's bounced. Here's the link I was trying to mentions cats briefly, and is absolutely hysterical!

Okay, this SHOULD have gone under the "Horses" topic, not cats...

   By Blue on Thursday, December 09, 2004 - 02:06 pm: Edit Post

Hi, JayJay. I just got your e mail this morning. Hotmail is hiccuping, I guess.

Anyway, for anyone interested, with the exception of those sending spam, of course:

   By max on Monday, January 24, 2005 - 07:36 am: Edit Post

We just found out our big house cat, Bagheera, uses the toilet. We find this impressive because no one ever trained him!! My daughter reports "I heard tinkling in the bathroom and I knew it wasn't granma because she was still in bed. And when I walked into the bathroom Baggy was sitting on the toilet seat". Well I AM impressed. Bagheera was mostly an accidental addition to the house. [grinning at ya]

   By PurplePenny on Saturday, March 12, 2005 - 02:35 pm: Edit Post

I have a favour to ask! Please would you all think positive thoughts for our cat Clara Bo on Monday. She is going in for a thyroidectomy and I'm scared. It is quite a routine operation but, in common with most hyperT cats, she has a slight heart murmur so there is a higher risk of complications.

The vets are very confidant because apart from the hyperT she is a very healthy little cat. That doesn't stop me dwelling on the negative aspects and I'm worried that I'll ill-wish Clara Bo (I'm trying really hard to be positive but the worries just keep popping back into my head). So, please, she needs all your positive thoughts to counteract my negative ones.

Clara Bo came to us from the Blue Cross last summer. She was a tiny, tatty, matted, deaf, bag of skin and bones. She had been found, near death, in a ditch. Nothing is known about her and they could only guess her age (she looks much younger now than when she came to live with us). They were finding it hard to get her hyperT controlled. We have several years experience of feline hyperT, I run an online support group, and Clara Bo was such a mess that the Blue Cross said that they couldn't even get people to look at her let alone think of adopting her. How could we refuse when they said "She needs you."?

Her thyroid is now well controlled, her weight has gone from 2kg to 3kg and she has regained some hearing. The vets don't believe us about her hearing, they say it is just that she hears some frequencies but not others, but that isn't the explanation because she now reacts to the same sounds that she ignored before. The first time she heard me call to her it actually made her jump :-)

Thanks everyone,


   By Blue on Sunday, March 13, 2005 - 06:57 pm: Edit Post

Consider it done! :-)

   By Blue on Tuesday, March 15, 2005 - 02:18 am: Edit Post

I have kind of a strange question to ask on behalf of a friend, and I am perpluxed and pezzled.

The person in question is the nurse I see on a regular basis to make sure everything is functioning since the spinal cord injury. She has two lovely [and fixed] female cats. One of them, whom Cindy refers to as her "needy" cat has come up with a curious new habit that is driving her up the wall - it has to do with hygiene, so I can understand, with Cindy being a nurse and all.

The cat licks her a lot. This is something the cat started recently, and Cindy can't figure it out. It grosses her out, and she does not want to punish the cat, just break her of this new habit, because there have been times when the cat has awakened her in the middle of the night.

About the only suggestion I had was that maybe the cat knows the human skin gives off salt, and that might be what she is after, but I don't know.

Does anyone? If it IS salt the cat is after, is it a symptom of a larger problem? If not, is the kitty just trying to see how Cindy tastes before dipping her in catnip and slow roasting her?

   By max on Tuesday, March 15, 2005 - 05:24 am: Edit Post

blue, it sounds like she is into mutual grooming but I couldn't say for sure. just push her away every time she does is and say no. cats only pretend to not understand no, she'll get the idea after awhile. [smiling at ya]

   By PurplePenny on Tuesday, March 15, 2005 - 08:20 am: Edit Post

Blue, thanks for the positive thoughts. We've just picked Clara Bo up from the hospital and she seems very well considering she is only one day post op. She is purring slightly in her sleep which probably means that she is still in some pain. The thyroid was abnormally large (that is, large even for a hyper active one) so it has been sent off to the lab., I hope that it isn't malignant (the majority are not).

Cindy's licking cat - Do you know whether anything happened just before the licking started? It is odd for it to have started suddenly. It sounds as though it could be attention seeking and it could be the result of something stressful happening. I think that Max is right - the way to break the behaviour is for Cindy to push the cat away whenever it happens. Since she is doing it at night it might be a good idea to shut her out of the bedroom.