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   By Clansman on Friday, May 27, 2016 - 09:38 am: Edit Post

I just realized that I have been waiting for this story to be revealed longer than anything else in my life. I started the ride way back in the early 90s, and I am just as excited now at the prospect of a new book as I was waiting for Ships of Merior.

This will be truly wonderful when we get to read it. We all know it will be a masterpiece of story-telling.

   By Janny Wurts on Friday, May 27, 2016 - 11:23 am: Edit Post

Hard mark ups are completed. Sigh of relief.

Now the plunge into key entering to get a readable file for final check.

   By Annette on Friday, May 27, 2016 - 08:17 pm: Edit Post

Thanks fo the update Janny, looking forward to the teaser preview.

Will we by any chance understand after reading Destiny's Conflict why the young dragon seen in the Korias grimward in Fugutive Prince still showed the hazed energies of torn life force? While I suspect that was a hint for something coming up in Destiny's Conflict, I always thought there was something else as well, concerning both the memories of the dead dragon and the young dragon. Do we have to wait for Song of the Mysteries, to fully reveal that mystery?

   By Dorothy on Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - 04:42 pm: Edit Post

No idea what key entering is Janny, but go for it girl!

   By Janny Wurts on Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - 06:31 pm: Edit Post

Key entering is putting all the messy pencil scrawled notations on the paper print out of the draft into the e file - I've now got two chapter sets entered; and have completed x check and spell check on the first chapter, which is out for proofing.

That is the first finished file for submission.

   By Gill on Wednesday, June 01, 2016 - 01:40 am: Edit Post

What a great thing to read over breakfast. Thanks Janny.

Your updates are fascinating not only to know your progress but to learn about an author's life: the hard work behind the production of a book

   By Daryl on Wednesday, June 01, 2016 - 11:53 am: Edit Post

Looking forward to it :-)

   By Janny Wurts on Wednesday, June 01, 2016 - 03:03 pm: Edit Post

Gill - these books take a herculean amount of work, you have no idea...or maybe you do. I'm at it, relentlessly.

Status update:

All of one set is out for proofing.

Two set is awaiting my last X check.

I am entering the crude markeups to 3.

   By Dorothy on Tuesday, June 07, 2016 - 06:23 am: Edit Post

Thanks for the key entering explanation, Janny. It sounds like exacting work. Do you feel excited at this stage in your work, or daunted by the task ahead of you? It sounds like you are making good progress.

   By Dorothy on Tuesday, June 07, 2016 - 06:25 am: Edit Post

Oh and thanks for tweeting too!

   By Janny Wurts on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 05:45 pm: Edit Post

A quarter of the manuscript is now through proofing.

I am cross checking the last stage of set 4, and entering the hand marked changes to five set.

   By Annette on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 - 03:43 am: Edit Post

Thanks for the update Janny.

   By Andrew Ginever on Friday, July 01, 2016 - 03:27 pm: Edit Post

For all of you desperately awaiting the next book, here's the latest status update:

Janny's hard at work revising Destiny's Conflict, but she's asked me to pass this on to you as her user account's gotten messed up and she hasn't had the time to straighten it out yet.


Destiny's Conflict is just past halfway through proofing, with hot hopes to turn in this month.

   By Dorothy on Friday, July 01, 2016 - 05:10 pm: Edit Post

Yay! Thanks Andrew. Better get a move on with my reread!

   By Jon Moss on Saturday, July 02, 2016 - 06:52 am: Edit Post

Thanks for the update Andrew.

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend to celebrate Independence Day here in the States.

   By Janny Wurts on Sunday, July 17, 2016 - 08:41 am: Edit Post

Ten chapter sets are now through proofing, I am doing the messy work entering the broad changes to 11 set. I really REALLY owe my proofers, people, they are working tirelessly to catch typos and nitpicks I'd have missed.

Today I check my camera traps, then it's back into work. The AC is out in this half of the house, so if it gets too hot for the computer, I'll have to work on something else. We have a burned out fan unit, and it can't be fixed until sometime tomorrow.

So Sunday is often a lighter day, anyhow, I am driving so hard on this, sometimes I need to catch my breath. I've also got an out of state piping contest next weekend, so it's an airplane to Raleigh NC to play with Grandfather Mountain Highlanders at the Raleigh Indoor contest. The plane flights are crammed into a 24 hr period, so it's one day off, then recoup sleep from a 6 hr all night layover in Atlanta airport. Leaving Sat pre dawn, and back by Sunday, early.

So into the last 3 chapter sets we go. I am SO wanting the turn in on this, it's been a very very difficult book, but in so many ways, wow, it is so packed with reveals you are going to have a helluva ride.

   By Gill on Sunday, July 17, 2016 - 11:11 am: Edit Post

Thanks Janny for the update

   By Dorothy on Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - 06:00 pm: Edit Post

Good luck with the piping contest Janny. Thank your proofers for us too. And not nagging, but look after yourself! :-)

   By Janny Wurts on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 - 02:30 pm: Edit Post

Nearly there - half of Set 12 is through proofing.

Only the tail end of 12 to go, then 13 set, and I'm there.

   By Annette on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 - 06:07 pm: Edit Post

Thanks for the update Janny.

How did the piping go?

   By Janny Wurts on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 - 08:04 pm: Edit Post

Yes, that is the competiton, you posted the link to the March, Strathspey and Reel contest.

We also played a medley, which is very lively and has harmonies:

On the status update, I have all the big changes marked and entered, now I just have to cross check final language and spell check five files. Nearly there...

   By Janny Wurts on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 - 09:01 pm: Edit Post

Status update: I am starting into the cross check for the last chapter set, and the glossary file is already being created....not long now. The champagne is chillin...

   By Annette on Thursday, July 28, 2016 - 02:31 am: Edit Post

Thanks Janny.

On the glossary, can we have the root meaning of Khadrien's name this time?

   By Janny Wurts on Friday, July 29, 2016 - 10:22 am: Edit Post

Didn't realize it was left out...hmmm. I'll check up on it.

Starting into the final lap, the two subchapters of 13 set.

   By Janny Wurts on Friday, July 29, 2016 - 05:16 pm: Edit Post

FINISHED all the revisions, last chapter set out for proofing, now all I have left is the glossary and the front matter and the timeline.

Hoping to pop that champagne cork for turn in on MONDAY!

   By Annette on Friday, July 29, 2016 - 08:14 pm: Edit Post

Thanks for the update Janny.

Drake wars are timeline spoilers? It is just I am curious about how a crowned scion of Havish (or at least one sanctioned) came to be involved in that, or did the rogue dragons attack Havish? So far apart from Arithon it seems sanctioned royalty sticks to defending their home ground, although it is mentioned the s'Lornmein defended at Southgate as well. The clans have helped each other out. So I was curious about that, but if a spoiler I can wait.

Or a WoLaS short story with some dragons maybe?

   By Dorothy on Wednesday, August 03, 2016 - 10:57 am: Edit Post

Did the cork pop Janny? Desperate to hear the latest!

   By Janny Wurts on Wednesday, August 03, 2016 - 03:19 pm: Edit Post

OK folks, the news you've been waiting for:

I have TURNED IN Destiny's Conflict:

14 emails, 42 finished files.

Now waiting for the Editor to confirm the receipt.

I am flat tired, flat happy, and ready to pop that cork! This is: the hardest novel I have EVER written; the most intense; the reveals are gonna hit you HUGE.

I had a last pass read through to do since Monday to be SURE it was all as it should be.

Now I have two Short Stories due, so it's straight into the smaller fires I go.

Thank you for your patience. I have worked harder than you may ever know getting this sucker done! And it is perfect.

Now, only one last volume of this series left to go....PAY OFF TIME!

Please celebrate, spread the news, win new readers, all of that. This series needs to be out there making some noise!!

   By Walt on Wednesday, August 03, 2016 - 04:08 pm: Edit Post

Woo Hoo! Here's hoping the Editors make quick work so this baby can get on the delivery list!

   By Walt on Wednesday, August 03, 2016 - 04:11 pm: Edit Post

Woo Hoo! Here's hoping the Editors make quick work so this baby can get on the delivery list!

   By Gill on Wednesday, August 03, 2016 - 04:57 pm: Edit Post

Thanks so much. Congrats on having finished. You must be so tired. It is on my wish list as a book not an e-book. I want to hold it

   By Gary Coady on Wednesday, August 03, 2016 - 05:31 pm: Edit Post

Amazing news, Janny! I was just looking back at the first sneak peak - nearly four years ago! It's obvious how much love and work has gone into this book, and I am really really looking forward to seeing it!

Congratulations again!

   By Danielle Tilley on Wednesday, August 03, 2016 - 06:36 pm: Edit Post

Congratulations -- Can't wait to read the book!

   By Annette on Wednesday, August 03, 2016 - 07:15 pm: Edit Post

Congratuations Janny. Hopefully they let us have it for Christmas.

   By Julie on Thursday, August 04, 2016 - 10:47 am: Edit Post

Yaaaaaay. Well done Janny.