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   By Soltari on Thursday, May 26, 2005 - 02:21 am: Edit Post

On dvd it's Hayden replacing the old Anakin and no Qui Gon.

   By Blue on Thursday, May 26, 2005 - 04:13 am: Edit Post

Hannah, I am of the opinion that the original Star Wars never required a sequel. Had I been able to purchase the original theatrical release, without any of the "improvements" I would have done so. The only reason I watched Empire and Jedi was because of Han Solo. Harrison Ford was [and remains] hot to trot.

   By Annette on Thursday, May 26, 2005 - 05:46 pm: Edit Post

Basically I thought that AotC and RotS was a rehash of what happened in the "original" trilogy. The scenes were almost exactly the same but with different characters. Go watch episodes 4-6 and then watch 2 and 3. You will see what I mean I am sure. But I must admit RotS was much much better than the episode 1 and 2 although the middle was a bit boring (my turn to duck). The ending fight was everything I expected and was fabulous. It is definitely worth seeing in the theatre just to get the big screen view. These movies always lack when they go to the small screen, they really are meant for a huge (IMAX would be fabulous) screen. Anyway that is my 0.005 cents worth.

   By Hannah on Thursday, May 26, 2005 - 08:54 pm: Edit Post

Yeah, I knew that Hayden was the new Ghost Vader/Skywalker. Hm, my memory must be faulty re: Qui-Gon. Does he not pop up anywhere as a ghost (other than reference at the end of this most recent installment)?

Blue, I guess I'm not a purist. I didn't mind the additions in the DVD release of the original trilogy. The only thing is, sometimes they seem really out of place.

Annette, did you go see it on the IMAX screen? I don't think it's playing at our IMAX theatre, but I know it's playing at some. I saw... Episode 2? I think that was the one. Anyhow, I saw that one in IMAX. I wasn't impressed, really. It was loud, but harder to follow. Not as fun as watching a movie that was originally intended for IMAX.

I was reading in our paper today that way back when, there had been talk of a third trilogy, detailing Luke's life as an elder Jedi. But Lucas is denying any such plans now. Pity. I do have a taste for more Star Wars now. More Jedis, yeah!

   By Soltari on Tuesday, May 31, 2005 - 07:52 am: Edit Post

Problem with Lucas making a third trilogy about Luke is the 50+ books already out there during that timeframe. He'd destroy the entire EU(extended universe).

He's already done it with the Death Star, (it was created by scientists in Kessel not Geonosians and barely underway in construction and that only the prototype) and stormtroopers being clones. The clones in EU weren't used until 5 years after Ep 6. And then if not created right the force ate away their sanity and the clones would go insane.

What I'd rather see is a movie during the Knights of the Old Republic timeframe. Would like to see Sith vs Jedi, though I know it won't happen.

   By Hannah on Tuesday, May 31, 2005 - 08:12 pm: Edit Post


Yes I guess you're right about the books not meshing with any movies based on a post-RotJ plot. I've never read any of the books, though, so I'll have to take your word on particulars.

I would much rather see an old Jedi vs. Assorted Baddies story, too.

Hm, I wonder what would have made Lucas more money: the numerous books, or three more movies. Maybe he's kicking himself about those publishing rights, right about now.

   By gweggiepants on Monday, June 06, 2005 - 03:38 pm: Edit Post

it would be nice to see a star wars movie based on the time period in KOTOR

simple poll: who here has played the KOTOR games?

   By Soltari on Wednesday, June 08, 2005 - 07:53 am: Edit Post

Don't know if I got a broken Xbox or not but I was able to play KOTOR to the part where you fight the rancor and then the file was corrupted and I could never save the game properly. Returned the first game and still had the problem so I shelved the Xbox. Which was whole reason I bought the Xbox, to play KOTOR. Technology and I don't seem to get along very well.

   By Konran on Thursday, June 09, 2005 - 12:27 am: Edit Post

... but Lucas wouldn't have to destroy the EU if he just made Timothy Zahn's Thrawn trilogy into movies.

Because Thrawn is the coolest Star Wars villain EVAR.

*is a geek who has almost all the SW books*

I also wanna see some movies about the rise of the Sith. With Exar Kun in them. D:

   By George on Friday, June 10, 2005 - 02:18 am: Edit Post

I saw SWIII. In comparison to the first two episodes (SW1 and 2), this one was very good. seems that good ol' George just couldn't resist some of his usual kiddie/quirky/cutesy jokes....

I mean, REALLY, what was he thinking with having the Wookies do a Tarzan, swinging on Vines?????? That was just WHACKED!!!!

But otherwise, Anakin's descent in to the dark side was pretty good...and the revealing of the emperor was handled well....and the political manouvering and manipulation of the Emperor was excellently handled. He was a very clever cookie!