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Thoughts after 7th (or so) re-read...
Random Questions...
I've been wondering...
Arithon's kingship and prophecies
Why was the Mistwraith so inactive?
King of Amroth
Questions after reading
Favorite scene in Curse
The year it started?
Some speculation re: The Prologue
Re-launch USA Countdown!
Did you just find this book?
Curse of the Mistwraith/July Discussion at GoodReads
At the beginning very ...
Really like this book.. ach 1
What would have happened if...
Kindle version .99 cents today...
Asandir and Arithon?
Discussion on GoodReads for Feb
New Reader just arrived at Tal Quorin
This thread - anybody with a reddit account have a moment?
If there were to be an audio edition....
Buddy read starting, March 2018
Classic book of the Month discussion - please pitch in!
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