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The wars of light and shadow
Withstanding drakefire..
Paravian Puzzle Teaser
Sneak Preview #1
Sneak Preview #2
End of an arc - time for a big battle..
Celebration Sneak Peak
Real changes on Athera
Curious about Havish
Sulfin Evend and Arithon
And what about the Waystone..... & the Koriani?
Dakar's vices
Power, conduits & focusses
Arithon, Elaira & Seldie
Skyron ... Waystone ... minds and oaths
You Begged for it Sneak Peek
Dark Cults & Wraithes
Sneek Peek - finalizing the draft copy
Fionn's Birth Prophecy
Cover Art Preview
Arithon the Paravian..
What the Mist Wraith will do
What's Next?
Stormed Fortress - It's a Book!
Humurous moment...
What should I do with my extra copy of Stormed Fortress?
Is this it?
Typos - calling all typos
Rumpus time
Alestron's Image
New Audio Teaser files
How to find a paper back copy in the US
Stormed fortress hard cover
Arc 3 volumes...
Spoiler Topics
Excerpt: Chapter 1
First thoughts after finishing SF
Stormed Fortress - just finished today .............much ...
King's Glade
Sulfin Evend
Athir Spoiler
Favorite Lines (Spoilers Present)
The Koriani...the mystery deepens
Sunwheel Slag...
Eek.. the ramifications..
Conjectures with spoilers
While reading
US Availability
First thoughts after finishing SF a SECOND time.
Glendien, Elaira, F7's REAL intentions ...
Should Arithon have asked...
Amusing historical comments on the siege in Alliance
Elaira and Glendien
Hard cover version
Buddy read started - Stormed Fortress
Misc. Stormed Fortress questions
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