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Arc IV topic is unlocked - I just noticed!
When will Arc IV open?
Initiate's Trial Status
Debate for a sneak preview - pros and cons
Rampant speculations...
First Sneak Preview - contains Stormed Fortress spoilers...
Second Sneak Preview
Third Sneak Peak - scavenger hunt
What has Arithon been doing for the past 200-300 years?
Petition For More Teases SIGN UP HERE
Sneak Peak number four.
Publication date?
What is Lysaer upto
Sneak Preview #5 - retort to the lousy blurb
German Translation?
Suggested Revised Blurb for Initiate's Trial
Annette's Sneak Peek
Lysaer and Dalianna having a child
Unvanquished Towns...
First chapter speculation. SPOILERS!!!
Author's copies are HERE!
Goodreads discussion group.
Giveaway offer at Far Beyond Reality blog!
Initiate's Trial mass market paperback, on sale today in ...
Spoiler Topics
Chapter II discussion. SPOILERS!!!
Questions about the cover art
New Spoiler thread for Initiate's Trial
Koriani conspiracies and mad Matriarch's. Spoilers!
Thoughts on completion of Initiate's Trial. DO NOT READ ...
GAH, how did I not see...
200 Year jump?!
Hidden peep at the page I'm on
Initiate's Trial is ON SALE for Kindle, .99
Buddy read starting - please join in!
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