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  Wars of Light and Shadow

  General Discussion  July 07 - 03:34 pm [2158]

  Arc 1: Curse of the Mistwraith: Curse of the Mistwraith  April 15 - 09:23 pm [526]

  Arc 2: Ships of Merior: Ships of Merior & Warhost of Vastmark  May 03 - 09:27 am [130]

  Arc 3: Alliance of Light: Fugitive Prince, Grand Conspiracy; Peril's Gate & Traitor's Knot  September 12 - 12:41 pm [2039]

  Arc 3: Alliance of Light: Stormed Fortress  December 09 - 01:28 pm [2588]

  Arc 4: Sword of the Canon: Initiate's Trial  October 30 - 09:41 am [2941]

  Arc 4: Sword of the Canon: Destiny's Conflict  August 14 - 05:41 pm [1506]

Spoiler-free discussion of the final book in Arc IV of the Wars of Light and Shadow

  Arc 4: Destiny's Conflict - Spoiler Topic  June 14 - 04:05 pm [82]

Discuss the final book in Arc IV with spoilers. Please place enough space at the top of each post so that the actual text does not appear in the search results. To do this you can simply enter SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER. Blank lines are not sufficient as these are eliminated in the search result page. Thanks.

  Arc 5: Song of the Mysteries  October 09 - 09:06 pm [285]

Speculate about what will happen in Arc V, the final volume of the series.

  The Cycle of Fire

  The Cycle of Fire - General Discussion  September 02 - 09:33 am [73]

  Stormwarden  January 14 - 01:21 pm [25]

  Keeper of the Keys  August 05 - 12:50 pm [8]

  Shadowfane  October 27 - 01:00 pm [3]

  Other Fiction

  To Ride Hell's Chasm  August 23 - 10:07 am [145]

  Master of Whitestorm  September 02 - 09:35 am [44]

  Sorcerer's Legacy  September 02 - 09:32 am [46]

  Empire Series  April 24 - 05:11 pm [103]

The Empire Series, coauthored by Ray Feist and Janny.

  Other books and Short Stories  September 07 - 11:08 am [586]

Discuss any of Janny's short stories or novellas.

  Author's Topics

  Author's Corner  June 14 - 07:07 pm [1194]

Ask Janny questions and get answers.

  Fan Topics

  Reading, Writing, and ...  March 29 - 07:06 pm [59]

Discussions of Reading and Writing including recommended websites and tips for the aspiring writer.

  Book Nook  September 28 - 08:03 pm [1089]

Read a good book lately. Recommend it to others here.

  Poetry Corner  September 07 - 08:21 am [28]

Post your original poems so long as they are not based in one of Janny's worlds.

  Movie/Television Chat  August 26 - 01:14 pm [335]

Do you have a favorite movie or TV show? Come on in and chat about it.

  Sounds of Music  February 06 - 07:51 pm [76]

Most of us listen to music and many of us probably do so while we are reading. As we share similar tastes in books, here is a place to discuss what kind of music we listen to, whether while reading, driving, or just vegetating.

Please feel free to post recommendations, recent purchases, and reviews.

  Miscellaneous  April 03 - 07:52 am [616]

Here's a place to have those strange and wonderful conversations that happen from time to time. :)

  World Topics

  Earth Healings  September 01 - 01:03 pm [11]

A place to post information about conditions of the Earth and those places that need special attention in the form of prayers, energy sendings, spiritual healing, etc.

  Adminstrator Topics

  System Announcements  March 25 - 01:13 pm [20]

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