We Have Created Our Own "Mistwraith"!

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   By Jay_Jay on Sunday, November 16, 2008 - 11:00 am: Edit Post

Brown clouds cause by pollution pose a threat to the planet:


This is hardly news to me: I see this brown cloud every time I approach the city of Toronto, if the sky is clear enough. However, I did not quite realize the extent of the problem, nor its impact, though it does not surprise me.

Although the article targets China, which is probably one of the most polluted countries in the world, North America has nothing to brag about. The technology for cleaning up the air is within our grasp, but governments keep giving in to the huge oil and gas cartels, and refusing to enforce legislation to make them use it.

When I heard about the movie, "What Happened to the Electric Car?" I didn't need to see the movie to know the answer. I did a major paper on air pollution back in high school, and even then, (late 60's-early 70's) the auto makers were buying up the patents for 'green' and alternative-powered vehicles. They'd give the inventor a big chunk of money for his/her invention, he/she would hand over the drawings, and that would be the last anyone would ever hear of it!

Same-old, same-old... [sigh]

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