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   By Michelle-Louise on Thursday, August 26, 2004 - 07:41 am: Edit Post


I think this got missed. Does the splitting of the book entail a shorter wait for the next one than we have had for this?

   By Janny Wurts on Thursday, August 26, 2004 - 05:15 pm: Edit Post

Let me answer that question when things are a little further along.

I had to "pause" to do the reissue covers for Britain, which entailed 9 extra images, which were justaposed to create one graphic cover. Then do the British art for Traitor's Knot. Then, I had a short story invitation - now written and accepted, and in line for a spring release. (Fantastic Companions, edited by Julie Czerneda). Then, (now) I am (today) completing the very complex US cover for Traitor's Knot - ahead: getting the corrections to the text compiled for the US edition (done for Britain, now must be entered into the text) Then sizing and finalizing the art files (interior black and whites) for the US edition.
Then page proofs for the US edition.

Once that production deadline is finished, I have the cover for the World Fantasy Convention's program to create.

THEN I can go back to work and draft the ending for Stormed Fortress.

I have been working, flat out, non stop, no time away -- in short, I am taking 2 weeks OFF - to camp, or some sort of major getaway. Just to catch my breath.

Then I will assess what I have in draft and see about fixing an estimate of when I can have it complete. I have no production "target" at all - as at this moment, the title is not in submission or under contract.

Given: it will be the next book I write. I have it all planned out. A chunk of it is already complete.

It's a little early to guess when you'll have it in your hands with any degree of accuracy. I hate naming dates prematurely. Better to post them when I know, rather than speculate too far out, when there are too many unknown factors.

   By KimberlyIsrael on Tuesday, October 05, 2004 - 07:27 pm: Edit Post

Curious - why the different art for the British and U.S. versions? Is it required or just the way you like to do it? I have to admit I feel a bit sorry for the Brits in that they don't get the gorgeous portraits of Arithon, though of course the other cover art is beautiful too.

*sighs* I didn't realize that the world of getting published was quite this precarious halfway through a series. If the unthinkable ever happens as far as publisher support for the series goes, I will happily pay what would otherwise be insane book prices in order to still get the rest of the story. And if you need to, you can come live with my husband and me and we'll feed you and everything so you can write without having to worry about how you'll eat :-)

   By Valeria D. White on Saturday, May 21, 2005 - 11:54 am: Edit Post

Today is Sat. May 21, 2005. I pre-ordered Tradors Knot back in Feb. It has yet to come out. In reading all of these other messages I get the impression that it will finally be out soon. Please put me out of my misery and tell me when to expect it.

   By Janny Wurts on Sunday, May 22, 2005 - 10:39 am: Edit Post

It will arrive in Meisha Merlin's warehouse from the printer on May 24, and be shipped promptly after that. Expect it, I should think, in a week or so following. They will be responding to orders the moment the book arrives.

There were some truly horrific delays in production - this should not be the norm in the future.

   By RicTate on Monday, May 30, 2005 - 11:18 pm: Edit Post

Janny darlin you know I love you. I'm not keen about Meisha Merlin but I do love your writing.
I just got a chance to read the excerpt of the new ( to us ) Traitor's knot. I found myself reading it slower then my wont to savor every single precious line.

I anxiously await like any craven junky, the day when Amazon sends my Feb 4 preorder and I can gorge myself on every single word. Heres my question and it was really a followup on the question KimberlyIsreal wrote.

The book has been out in England for a long time. So long in fact that the paper book is about to come out. Is there any reason why I shouldn't in the future order the book from rather then wait on Meisha Merlin?
And I would also be interested in knowing why there is a different publisher for Europe vs the US. I'm quessing it has something to do with publishing rights but not sure and would love to know.
Meanwhile, I'm sitting in a gaol with the spell binder and the baleful spite of a certain sheep herder and the sea water is rising and there are scores of flea infested rats skittering at me and using my fettered body as a life raft.
I hate rats and I only reluctantly temper that hate with the grudging knowlege that Luhaine is using their willing help to lay a subtle ward against the confounding Koriani Witch who I"m certain is no longer sane.

I confess I contemplate with a certain unmitigated glee the inevitableness of Koriani arrogance meeting the unveiled scrutiny of the Paravians. Oh what a merry knashing of teeth that will be... Ouch dammit. That rodent just bit me:-(

   By Janny Wurts on Tuesday, May 31, 2005 - 09:27 am: Edit Post

Ric - in the UK, I never "lost" my acquiring editor, so the books stay on schedule there, supported. They cannot distribute to the USA, so, it's necessary to have two outfits to fill in.

Massive MASSIVE changes occurred with HarperCollins USA since I signed the earlier books in the series with them....there's a new radio interview posted here - the gryphon just put in the links - if you listen to that, you will see alot of my decision making process, in choosing what I have for the series with Meisha Merlin.

This is an INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER - and growing. The future with them is very bright, for this series, and the commitment, past question. Last year we should have seen the two schedules line up - but a combination of (worthwhile!) growing pangs, and some stumbles in production at the printer (Traitor's Knot is the FIRST "large format" hardbound Meisha has EVER done, and the printer tripped over that set of changes, among others) such stumbles, and a few interface with software problems with the text spacing -- that we only found at PRINTER's page proofs -- have caused undue delay. I don't expect this to stay the case, as time goes on...the glitches ironed out this round will stay ironed...

Yes, you could have gone ahead and ordered from Britain -- at any time, this is true, because Harpercollins USA often produced the books up to nine months expectation remains, that Meisha Merlin will be able to go forward and close up the gap. Support from American readers will assist this process, as bookstores get accustomed to dealing with them, and the distributor hits stride. Takes time to build a new team - not every step is easy. One tends to forget this when dealing with a massive multinational corporation.

I have chosen for the BIG PICTURE - and that is coming into focus more with each day - far more going on that's not visible to you (waiting) - but the book is gonna be in your hands very soon.

Meantime, you can read the other two subchapters to that Chapter I snippet - I think I posted one of them, here, and I believe Meisha's website had the entire chapter set, intact.

Thank YOU for your patience.

   By Mike Morency on Sunday, June 05, 2005 - 03:20 am: Edit Post

I don't think MM was the best choice of publisher either. Traitor's Knot is still unreleased here in US bookstores, nor is it available on Barnes and Noble website. It is unavailable through amazon, which serves Borders and Waldenbooks.

MM seems only to be distributing the book through email orders, for which they add shipping costs equal to a new paperback ( and will ship this book free of charge).

An author needs to get his/her books on the shelves to be successful, and MM isn't doing so, nor keeping the biggest bookstores in the United States (where more of your books will sell than the combined totals of the rest of the world)and their websites informed.

I've noticed I've Janny's books published by Ace, Eos, Roc, and Harper. Ms. Wurts is well enough known here to sell well, why not a tried and proven epic fantasy publisher like TOR?

   By Wayne McCalla on Sunday, June 05, 2005 - 08:29 am: Edit Post

Well considering MM (according to Janny's other post on another thread) was just receiving their copies from binder and others were sent out to the distributor at that time the stores should most likely get them later this week providing that the distributor gets them out.

And Meisha just started sending their copies ASAP. Give them a chance to get there.

And working from a bookstore perspective(at least when I worked for one) don't always go by what the computers tell you.


   By Janny Wurts on Sunday, June 05, 2005 - 09:01 am: Edit Post

Status: Meisha's orders were all filled last week. The signed book plates for these orders will follow in separate packaging.

Two thirds of the books going into national distribution through Diamond Books went out last wednesday and stores should start showing them this week. The rest of the primary shipment will go out on this Wednesday.

It is a continual frustration that bookstores, Amazon, etc do not always post accurate information, can be quite slow to update, and even, sometimes, post spurious information....getting them to change it can take Time. I just met the crew at Diamond Books, and if you know you are having a problem, IT CAN BE ADDRESSED> Let me know what the difficulty, what shop or venue, and I will take it through channels and see if it can't be rectified.

Anyone looking from the OUTSIDE at my choices may well not understand the fullness of the picture that created my choice - the new posted interview (radio) that the gryphon just provided you links for will answer a lot of the confusion over this.

The Future: you aren't gonna believe what it's going to hold - All Good Stuff. If you could have been a fly on the wall, when the future is discussed with this outfit - and they have mastered the growth pangs are ARE at the next level - so many companies fail when making the plunge into the big league - so many fail. It is a difficult course. My applause to Stephe for staying the distance.

Now, wait till you see the payoff....As I can unfold new information, I will, but it would be terribly short sighted to measure the past year as being The Way It Is -- in case anybody didn't know, a very old and reputable name in the distribution business made a MAJOR mess for smaller accounts. They refused to pay their bills for Beyond the Pale - there was a detailed public article about this in Publisher's Weekly in January....since this firm also distributed Meisha to ALL THE MAJOR ACCOUNTS, effectively, the publisher was promsied checks, and not paid for their product for an inexcusable length of Time. Still outstanding, yet....

Switching distributors was a good move, but cost again, as books had to be re-sent to major accounts and the stream of payments justly earned to accrue.

Added to major production difficulties with Traitor's Knot at the printer - all ACTUAL.(I saw these in page proofs, and labored many hours with Meisha to get them corrected - which was not easy as we couldn't figure whose software interface wasn't working) With one distributor gearing up, and another dodging bills - it's small wonder there was confusion on the bookstore listing front, and the shelving front - some books were meant to be moved to the other account directly, and went through a return cycle instead....many bookstores that should have kept the book in stock didn't bother re-ordering after the distributor change -- so yes, you didn't see the books on the shelf due to distribution vagaries - - I applaud Stephe for staying the course, with so many daunting obstacles in his path that were NONE of Meisha Merlin's making. It is to his credit, entirely, that what I saw in NY is a bright and beautiful future for this firm.

Anyone knowledgeable of the particulars of starting a new business...anyone familiar with the failure rate of small successful companies that can't cross the divide and grow the the next level will have a more balanced perspective.

Few stay this distance. Stephe and Meisha Merlin are that committed, they are daring the leap. I do hope, in view of the FACTS about this marketplace - that we have seen some 20 markets shrink to a "major" four-six in two decades....I for one want to see a new face. It says worlds about having individual taste and variety available to readers.

I have sympathy for the frustration of readers who just want the book - but it is not ME ALONE that does this labor - it takes many hands. It's not that simple to "just do this" or "that" - I care very much about the team I work with. Ethics matter.

Enjoy the book that is now OUT. Thank you all for your patience in supporting it. If you have problems, I will try to help solve them. We all are on your side, in wanting you to get this book. Bring the problem as something you are asking help to resolve....I'll respond and see the difficulty reaches the correct person to get it handled.

With any luck, however, you won't have such takes time for a new distributor to understand and grasp a new line. Looks very much like Diamond is on track. I had great feelings for the folks there I was given the priviledge to meet this weekend.

This is the moment to correct your local bookshop's mistaken listing. I'd request - please use it wisely and help if you feel you want to. I will be here and do my utmost to assist - and you never know what other readers you may be helping to find a book they want - not just my title but others.