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   By Neil on Tuesday, January 18, 2005 - 06:54 am: Edit Post

It's a pleasure (and sometimes hair-raising) to Arithon being innovative with his personal increasingly impressive skill set.

I wonder why he hasn't considered koriani oaths and that the F7 could free Elaira.

Maybe he has just been too busy preoccupied with survival and F7 demands?!?

   By Hannah on Tuesday, January 18, 2005 - 10:07 am: Edit Post

Maybe it seems too easy or too good to be true...

   By Róisín on Friday, January 21, 2005 - 03:45 am: Edit Post

Janny - I have another question - although it might be tricky to answer at this stage...?

What are the differences between the bindings of an oath sworn to the Waystone, a high-king's oath sworn to the land and the binding of the great drakes on the F7?

   By Janny Wurts on Friday, January 21, 2005 - 01:55 pm: Edit Post

Roisin - my gosh - that's a biggie. I don't want to go into the separate ramifications at length, in a teacup:

Waystone - crystal: stored pattern of resonance.

High King's oath sworn to the land - this is an attunement. (tuned to a partnered channel, for harmony)

Fellowship's binding - Archtypal.

   By max on Saturday, January 22, 2005 - 05:36 am: Edit Post

Does a high resonance world affect the people living on it? Or just the ones sensitive to it. Or is the high resonance world affected by the generalized condition of the population. And for comparison, would our planet be high resonance? Can there be areas that are high resonance? The sensitive areas of the paravian continent, are they more resonant, or is it different from resonance altogether. I am probably due to reread the series but if any can answer it would help clear the read for me. I know I am missing something but I can't put my finger on it so I am asking. thanks all[smiling at ya]

   By Róisín on Monday, January 24, 2005 - 09:50 am: Edit Post


Thanks! Both answer give LOTS of food for thought - yoga for my braincells... *grin*

   By Memory on Thursday, February 17, 2005 - 06:29 am: Edit Post






I finished TK last night... woah...

There were many, many scenes that pulled at the heart-strings, but I think the most intense one, for me, was the whole episode in Halwythwood with Arithon, Elaira, Dakar and Kharadmon. I couldn't believe what was happening after Dakar et al broke through Arithon's defences, and had to re-read it several times to confirm what was going on.

It just seemed to me to be humiliation on a level Arithon's not yet received - and he's been through a lot. It really shocked me, but I think that's partly due to the fact that the bit before - with the cutting between Elaira & Arithon, and Dakar trying to find them - was so beautifully poignant. Then, we were pulled back down to brute reality with what happened next.

I felt so horribly bad for Arithon - more so, possibly, than at any other time before. This moment, when he was finally able to come together with Elaira - someone he loves so much - so privately and intimately - was completely destroyed. He was wide open and completely defenceless.

I dearly hope his and Dakar's relationship can recover from this... it seemed at this point that even Arithon's vaunted empathy failed him. The more I read of him, the more I love Dakar. Ever since he allied himself to Arithon, we've seen him develop so much, and I admire his stubborn courage.

The whole scene was stunningly executed, Janny, and one of the best written I've seen yet, but I found it so hard to keep reading it! :-)

   By Konran on Sunday, June 19, 2005 - 02:03 pm: Edit Post

I finished last night around midnight. That might seem like an insanely short time to read a book (about six hours) but actually I was slowed down quite a bit, as I can usually finish off about a hundred pages an hour. There will definitely be rereads in my future, though...

... all I can say is, I agree. WOW. That was intense. In a different way from PG though. In the previous book events just kept building and building until I almost couldn't stand it; in this one, it's more like a roller-coaster, with separate dips and multiple spots in which I had several mini-heart attacks. ;) So, enough gushing... here's some thoughts I had while reading.

- Sulfin Evend. Wow. I have a ton more respect for him now, more than I already did. I liked him from the beginning, but I appreciate him much more now. He's Lysaer's Jieret, isn't he? It will be interesting to see what happens when his interests as caithdein and his interests as Lord Commander of the Light collide (because they almost have to). I almost wanted to smack him though, because his utter loyalty to Lysaer is so sweet, and I want to grab his shirt collar and yell at him that he's following the wrong guy. Lol.

- *incoherent gibbering* HOMG THERE ARE LIVE DRAKES ON ATHERA. Please, please, pleeeeeaaase, I want to see one... *beg* ... though hopefully not in the context of much destruction (unless one lands in the Sunwheel Square at Avenor... *evil grin*)

- Iyats! That was absolutely BRILLIANT! Leave it to Arithon to take a curse and turn it to a blessing! I have the feeling if Lysaer turns up another war host, it would be very easy to make it lose heart extremely quickly... *wishful plotting* But did he have to drive himself to the edge of exhaustion for it? ;.; You are so mean to him... I just want to hug him... though I have the feeling he wouldn't appreciate it much ^_~ Ah well, I've always heard that the secret of good writing is to strand your characters up a tree with a bear trying to get at them... and then throw rocks at them...

- Hah, sunwheel priest humiliation. I was giggling uncontrollably, especially the bit with the whores. Arithon plays dirty, doesn't he? I love it.

- Speaking of cruelty to green-eyed Masterbards... *howl* HOW COULD YOU? Arithon... and Elaira... and then... DAKAR! And Kharadmon... grr... I wasn't happy with him at that moment... If I ever get my hands on Selidie..... *sniffle* I love the interweaving style of narrative you use in that passage (similar to the style going through Kewar)... it sucks me in every time (deeper than I've already been pulled under, of course. ^_~) I have the feeling that if Arithon and Elaira do ever manage the chance to be together again, somehow it just won't be the same...

- Necromancers... call me a little dense, but I didn't quite understand exactly what the threat from them was. I understand that they were trying to suck the soul out of Lysaer, basically, and turn him into a puppet to control the Alliance, and to use the Alliance to get rid of the "magic-users" that oppose them.... but.... Without Lysaer's charisma and statescraft, the Alliance would totally fall apart. It would be Lysaer in there, but NOT Lysaer, and people wouldn't follow him like they used to... right? I have the feeling that I'm missing something, something deeper, but I can't see what it is. *frustrated* I'll have to pay very close attention to those sections on the reread.

- Alestron... *writhe* SO close to getting Arithon a kingship... Am I the only one who found the brothers s'Brydion a little... irritating this book? I don't know if I'm just annoyed with them for refusing to listen to Arithon or what, but they got on my nerves a little. Especially how they treated poor Fionn.

- Speaking of Fionn... he's starting to come around, I think! *cheer* We'll make him an ally for Arithon yet.

- Davien... I don't know what to think. He's so slippery and mysterious, it's hard to get a hold on what he's actually thinking. I'll withhold judgment for now.

- Verrain... I enjoyed the more in-depth look at a character we don't usually get to see much of. ^^ I've decided that I like him very much and I hope he gets involved more.

- Glendien... *hiss*

- Waystone... ooooohh, Selidie's pissed over that one. Hee hee hee. Way to go, Arithon. I wonder what effect that has over all the bindings/information/etc. previously stored inside it, as the crystal's nature has been altered... Too bad the dumb thing didn't just shatter outright. (Death by flying razor-sharp shards of crystal... too good for our body-snatching Prime. *glare*) And Lirenda... I know she kind of deserved what she got, but I can't help feeling sorry for her...

That's about all I can think of... I'll be looking over the other topics, of course, and rereading multiple times until I can get ahold of SF... Thanks, Janny, for the awesome ride! I can't wait for the next bit. ^_^

   By Iris Timm on Wednesday, June 22, 2005 - 04:41 pm: Edit Post


What a great summation! I just finished TK last night (wee hours actually) and dreamed of necromancers and dragons until the alarm rang. I can't agree more with your assessments - how head is reeling and I'll have to read the book again soon. (Wish I had read as fast as you, wouldn't be so far behind in my report now! yikes)

Janny is absolutely the best author I've ever read...astonishing. All I can say is keep it coming and THANK YOU! Oh yeah and WOW (too!)


   By Konran on Thursday, June 23, 2005 - 12:35 am: Edit Post

Thanks :-)

Janny is a great author. I have an entire shelf of my bookcase devoted to her. ^_^