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   By Hunter on Thursday, January 27, 2005 - 09:44 pm: Edit Post


In "Warhost of Vastmark" Morriel has a vision of Arithon chained to a slab in a bleak tower dungeon. Arithon speaks a "phrase whetted to a glib stab of satire".

I had thought this might be in reference to Arithon's predicament at the end of TK in Etarra. The only way this would be possible is for Arithon to great Davien after the expurtation of the Kralovir.. but this wasn't mentioned..

Or, this is still yet to occur vision, given it's Morriel's visions, the previous one was Lirenda kissing Arithon, so perhaps these are all further portents to the pending destruction of the Koriani as we know them.. ?

   By Neil on Friday, January 28, 2005 - 06:41 am: Edit Post


As usual I try to respond and find my mind wandering all over the place...

If Fionn dies on land and Arithon is betrayed, Arithon could well end up Koriani a prisoner.

If Fionn lives to old age, this seems to imply failure of the F7: "darkness" etc. seems to suggest Paravia would be *stuffed*. The Drake binding would seem to suggest the F7 "blow away" humankind before it gets to this point...

So Fionn either saves Arithon, expressly giving up his own life, (he finally accepts Arithon's version of events - which would be *nice*) or a betrayal may cause Fionn's death (whether or not Fionn does the betraying).

I feel it likely that Arithon will have a showdown with the Koriani. I wonder whether he has shown retraint already during the assertively given backlashes to the Koriani. With his current abilities the koriani have to be at a distinct disadvantage no?

I feel the "pending destruction" of the Koriani is not certain. Moriel foresaw succession problems and these have been dealt with. I am surprised that there are absolutely no *consequences* for Moriel. Yet? She is still keen to trap Arithon alive. What can she really gain? Access to spacefaring technology for humans? Wasn't the south gate a freely offered answer? If there is less illness on Paravia due to the frequency, are the koriani only really helping with economic townborn casualties? homeless, etc.? What are they really doing? It seems the higher ranks must all be clan-born capable of doing similar acts without crystals (or *with* permission) anyway...

Janny let slip once on the board somwhere(?) that the koriani would play no major part after Alliance of Light and that Alliance of Light is Elaira's story in the way ship's was Dakar's.

   By PurplePenny on Friday, January 28, 2005 - 07:31 am: Edit Post



I too thought that the TK scene fitted that vision; except for, as you pointed out, the satirical phrase. How immutable are Morriel's visions? Could it be the same scene but something has made an element of it change?

And on a related note: that scene would make one hell of a cover :-)

   By Wolfhunter on Saturday, January 29, 2005 - 05:38 am: Edit Post

Hi Hunter,
I have a vague memory with the scene of Arithon on the stone slab, that Lirenda was present. so therefore it was definitely not the TK scene with the Necromancers.
I think Neil is ont he right track, there must be a major showdown with Arithon and the Koriani if they are not to play a major part in Janny's story thereafter. Now this sounds really interesting doesn't it. I wonder if this pans out in SF?

   By max on Monday, January 31, 2005 - 05:27 am: Edit Post

I am wondering if any can say why humans have to be destroyed? why can't they be exiled out the Northgate if they prove unfit to exist on Athera. Janny would this be a spoiler to answer, or can you tell us.?

   By skeoke (Unregistered Guest) on Friday, May 06, 2005 - 08:36 pm: Edit Post

sing sing spoilers sing, la la la

New bend to this topic.

Regarding Arithon on the Necromancers slab.

Has anyone compared Lysaers unbinding at Sulfin Evend's hand, to Arithon's binding?

I have to finish my reread before I can attempt it. But, I was wondering if anyone else had the idea.

   By Ric Tate on Monday, June 20, 2005 - 11:11 am: Edit Post

I just finished reading the book yesterday. There were several things that puzzled me about the book.
1)The Kralovir: When the humans first came they did so at the sufference of the the Fellowship.

I can understand why the Arth adepts did not deny entry for the cults but I do not understand giventhe fellowships understanding of Arth why the cults were allowed entry of cult members in the first place.
The Korianni I understand because they aren't intrinsically evil.

2) The Korianni:First Moriel: For all the disaster she has caused she has been the major threat to the compact. She didn't do it unintentionally thereforeshe should already have been called to account by the Fellowship for judgment.
I understand that the crystals came from outside of the planet and that is why Sethvir can't read them but since Arth appears not limited to the planet it seems the wardstone and sky crystal need some vacation time in the hostels.
Elaira:Since Elaira was there when the Centaur succored Arithon in Kewar she was also made aware of the same power of freeing herself from Korianni control as Arithon used to free himself from the Kralovir. In fact in many respects she has advanced beyond Moriel and although she doesn't have the rote knowlege that Lirenda has, she could still manage the 9th level in the same way that Arithon managed Kewar.
It seems to me she should be the next Matriarch. She is Arithon's and the mother of his to be heir and that will have to be done but she and ARithon have spent many years apart. She is clearly capable of independence and after Athera is set in order Arithon is masterbard and will have to take an apprentice.
She could certainly travel with him but to do so would demean her own work. She could take charge of the Koriani, set them straight and then if she wanted turn them over to Lirenda who is not a stupid woman and will have learned from her own experience what an abomination coersion is. Its an endless rape.

3)S'Brydion: The only section of the book that while I was reading it just didn't feel true. As an x military person the dialog of the S'brydion men amongst themselves was too contrived and it had almost the oppossite affect of what was intended. A group of men of the type the author presented the S'Brydion to be don't talk like that in private.

All in all though I enjoyed the book (thought it was a trifle thin though compared to the other books but then its not my blood sweat , tears and troubled nights that delivered the book)

   By ishmael smith on Monday, June 20, 2005 - 12:02 pm: Edit Post

In a since i feel your me the S'Brydion boys are just that overgrown little boys...this may be part of their allure....

Meeting Mearn in earlier books, the Mearn i meet in TK is not reconcilable to the earlier "Mearn" i have learned...i but to indiosnycarcy of the author....

Upon further thought, i have confidence that Janny will work out, or rather write out, the percieved shortcomings as the story continues to unravel...or in this case, ravel.

   By Sean Monahan on Monday, July 11, 2005 - 06:12 pm: Edit Post

My understanding was that the Kralovir did not come to Athera, they discovered necromancy once they got there.

   By LorneReams on Monday, July 11, 2005 - 06:34 pm: Edit Post

Why can't Elaira recend her permissions given to the Korianni? Wouldn't the Fellowship help her gain back her autonomy, if she gives consent?