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   By Janny Wurts on Saturday, January 07, 2006 - 07:29 pm: Edit Post


Ch 8 main topped out.
Page count (manuscript) as of NOW, 510, and hopping...

   By Hunter on Sunday, January 08, 2006 - 06:27 am: Edit Post

Did you mean this year (2006) for Under Cover of Darkness... as opposed to last year (2005) or next year (2007)? :-)

Your response above did amuse me greatly:


"If something is not understandable, you Can always ask which. Intent or Typo. "

A newbie might think this is you indicating that you'll explain the non-understandable bit.... whereas you've committed only to indicating that something is really an "Intent" or a "Typo" - and dear reader, you'll need to keep frying your brain to work out why.. :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

   By Janny Wurts on Sunday, January 08, 2006 - 10:36 am: Edit Post

I meant possibly 2006, as stated. Tax time, I'm with it, on the numbers. :-)

And I will explain the not understandable bits, if they are truly not spoilers, and if I am asked by Name, if the puzzlement is genuine in course of a re-read and not asked for refresher, as in, "I didn't read the book for eight years, can you remind me?"

Reminder questions get answered, too - if I am asked by name - but usually those get a "Your clues on the matter lie in this volume, chapter and verse." :-)

That way, I won't spoil somebody else's experience if they are on genuine schedule for getting a dynamite stick in the presumptions....:-) :-) :-)

Hey, cool (laugh!) - I can hiccup out smilies too - ! :-)

   By Konran on Sunday, January 08, 2006 - 05:27 pm: Edit Post

Janny, if I saw someone hiccuping out emoticons, I think I would run. XD

"The Sundering Star"... from the title, I may have a few guesses what that might be about... *adds another item to her "must read" list*...

   By Hunter on Sunday, January 08, 2006 - 06:44 pm: Edit Post


   By Benjamin Findlater on Monday, January 09, 2006 - 11:39 am: Edit Post

Oh i cannot wait. I have struggled to find anyone in my age group or location (17 and Australia) who has heard of Janny's work let alone is an enthusiast.

Ahh well i have finally found some people who understand what it is to say "Damn you to Sithaer for your stupid ways"
And to see an author take such a personal interest in their fanbase is amazing. In Australia there aren't many authors of good works, with the exception of possibly Sara Douglass' Axis stories, so to find out that the author of my favourite books is also a great person is a really uplifting experience. No offense intended of course :D but i did expect this to be an entirely fan based effort with yourself held aloof. But thank you from the bottom of my heart Janny, for Arithon, for Dakar and for taking the time and effort to respond to fans


   By Trys on Monday, January 09, 2006 - 12:19 pm: Edit Post

Welcome to the board Ben.


   By Hunter on Monday, January 09, 2006 - 12:58 pm: Edit Post


I think you might be selling short many fine Australian authors. There are many good authors in Australia in a wide variety of genres and styles within the realms of fantasy and sci fi. The Aurealis awards recognize the best works annually. If you're looking for suggestions of Australian authors, this is a good place to start.

The term "good works" is also rather subjective term. Sara Douglass is one of the leading Australian fantasy authors in terms of books sold, that's true. Whether they are "good works" is also a person's opinion.


   By Janny Wurts on Monday, January 09, 2006 - 04:08 pm: Edit Post

Konran, I rather thought they'd look a bit like the soap bubbles, hicc'ed by Mickey Mouse, in Fantasia...

Welcome to the board Ben! Always great to see another new face at the party.

(Quick entry, before diving back into the first subchapter, to eight, which was writing itself in my open-eye sleep)

   By Sandtiger on Monday, January 09, 2006 - 05:36 pm: Edit Post

Under Cover of Darkness should be out later this year. The final manuscript should be in shortly, so I should know the month of release not to long after that.

And as one of the editors, I am more than happy to gloat and say that Janny's story is terrific. It blew me out of the water.

Jana (Taking a *very* quick break from working a neckbreak pace election campaign)

   By Frank T Davis on Monday, January 09, 2006 - 07:22 pm: Edit Post

An Aussie author that I read recently and very much enjoyed is Truddi Canavan. Her Black Magician Trilogy was written from 2001 thru 2003. The books were very well written with lots of intrigue and some very neat surprises, particularly at the end. Characters were well developed and plots, subplots were good. The length of each book is typical for today: the 1st has 365 pages, the 2nd has 460 and the 3rd has 526.

I have read several other fantasies since reading the BMT and yet I still remember the main plot and the characters. Typically this only happens for me for well written books and very good books. Of course I purchased all three at the same time and was able to read the trilogy straight thru.

Eventually I'll have all of the books from WoLaS and will be able to read them straight thru. What a treat!!

   By Blue on Monday, January 09, 2006 - 07:33 pm: Edit Post

Another good Aussie author I discovered is Kate Forsythe - she has a series of 6 books, The Witches of Eileanan that are a wonderful romp.

Please note that I might be spelling Kate's last name incorrectly.

   By Vicki C on Monday, January 09, 2006 - 08:11 pm: Edit Post

I have wanted to read her books for ages but can't seem to find the first couple anywhere. I'll probably order online soon as I have 3 later in the series now. I've heard good things about her too.

   By Hunter on Monday, January 09, 2006 - 08:56 pm: Edit Post

Kate Forsyth has also released the first two of a subsequent trilogy set in Eileanan. Called Rhiannon's Ride, so far in the trilogy are book 1 - The Tower of Ravens - and book 2 - The Shining City. Book 3 is due out mid year in Australia, called Heart of Stars. The new series is much darker in tone than the original Witches of Eileanan series and very enjoyable.

I also plan at some stage to read Juliet Marillier's series which I'm told is a very good read.

   By Benjamin Findlater on Monday, January 09, 2006 - 10:22 pm: Edit Post

Thanks heaps everyone. I'm currently between series, having already re-read the David and Leigh Eddings books for an embarassing number of times, and I've also recently finished the latest Robert Jordan effort, so I'm in a dry sort of space with not a lot to read. I will definately look for Kate Forsyth as I do recall having heard the titles of some of those books.
But thanks again, along with the other recomendations, these books may just be able to keep me going until SF is released.
Oh, and what sort of delay are we looking at for the Australian release? I don't want to be the one left out while you are all singing praises :D And i don't want any spoilers, so I might have to dodge this for a while until we all settle down to wait for the next arc


   By Hunter on Monday, January 09, 2006 - 11:01 pm: Edit Post

What's happened with the last few books is that the UK/Australia/NZ release has come out first and the US book has slipped. This is due to different publishers, contracts, etc. It's possible the same might happen with this volume, however I am expecting we'll get the Australian edition no later than the US edition, and may in fact get it sooner (because we deserve it.. :-) )

   By Hunter on Monday, January 09, 2006 - 11:06 pm: Edit Post

I'm thinking April is probably a good month to start asking Janny when she's going to call for suggestions on who/what to put on the covers of Stormed Fortress :-)

   By Benjamin Findlater on Tuesday, January 10, 2006 - 01:29 am: Edit Post

Ahh ok. Sounds good, because we do deserve it more here than anywhere else :-) Hmm covers eh? April is long enough away for me to start thinking, although I've never been that creative so I guess we'll just see how we go

   By Hunter on Tuesday, January 10, 2006 - 05:27 am: Edit Post


Janny does the creative bit, we just put in our $0.02 on what we might like to see, which Janny takes under advisement of course. There are those on this board who given three choices would vote Arithon, Arithon and Arithon. (You know who you are...)

Also UK/Australian/NZ editions tend to favour landscape covers whereas US versions want portaits.. all of which generally means we get two different Janny (or Don!) paintings for the same book..

   By Benjamin Findlater on Tuesday, January 10, 2006 - 06:14 am: Edit Post

I wonder why that is. I always thought that the cover of a book was just aesthetics to catch the eye. Never realised it packed some meaning... Aside from the artistic effort that was put into it originally of course.