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   By starstorm on Friday, August 03, 2007 - 07:54 pm: Edit Post


No, her book will not last two months. It will last forever! You can read these books again and again, and still discover new things.

Angus, that is the perfect justification (if anyone needs it). For myself, I have no qualms whatsoever about buying the British version... I've actually been buying both editions since Peril's Gate, not only so I can get the book ASAP, but also for the alternate cover art. I just wish the exchange rate with US dollars was slightly better where shipping is concerned, but you can't always get what you want :-), and Janny's books are definitely worth it, IMHO.


   By dee on Saturday, August 04, 2007 - 05:20 am: Edit Post

we have ordered two books for our household - it could get nasty otherwise! agree with the "lasting a lifetime" views above - Athera is so much more real than staffordshire and there is always something new to pick up on a reread.

   By Katie on Saturday, August 04, 2007 - 11:32 pm: Edit Post

Hey ya'll, I've been snooping for a while but haven't seen any mention as to the U.S. edition of Stormed Fortress. Is there any news yet? Thanks.

   By Brian Uri! on Sunday, August 05, 2007 - 09:05 am: Edit Post

There is currently no publisher lined up for a U.S. edition -- if you go back in this thread's archives (March/April-ish I believe), you'll see the causes of this.

Currently, you can preorder the UK version on though.

   By Angus on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 11:42 am: Edit Post

Uh-oh. I ticked somebody off.

First, what I said about World of Warfare (paraphrased):

1. Aug 3, 10:56 a.m.: Cut down on the budget in order to buy Janny's book. I didn't say "eliminate" the budget. I could, and perhaps should have added, cut down on your coffee, donuts, spaghetti, gambling, whatever.

2. Aug 3, 1:55 p.m.: WoW cannot compete in any way, shape or form with Janny's books, and that Janny is way too good an author to let that happen.


So far, nothing strictly "denigrating".

3. Aug. 3, 2:54 p.m.: Your kids seeing you reading a book beats them seeing you play WoW online for hours wondering why you're not teaching them to ride a bike or something.

Again, I don't see this as denigrating, as opposed to sarcastic (the lowest form of humouor). I did say "sorry, that was an unfair jab", which I admit was a back-handed apology.

I don't mean to be denigrating to anyone, unless they hurt people. Those, I will denigrate with all the abandon I can muster, for example: George W. Bush. He is a bit too easy a target though. He needs to work on his "strategery" (Saturday Night Live reference, fall, 2000).

To be honest about WoW, I would probably play it if I had the time. I was an avid AD&D player back in the early 1980's, and it was fun. I have an unmarried friend, who is quite successful in the computer business, who plays WoW for hours each night. He and I exchange barbs constantly, which are much more "denigrating" than those I posted in this chat area, which are mild by comparison. I suppose I simply got too familiar, and did the same here, and crossed a line with Lyssabits as a result.

Lyssabits, in my opinion "guy" humour is typically denigrating, yet innocently so. The key is that you do not denigrate anything really important (like somebody's wife, mother, kids, or the quality of their character, etc.). However, if I crossed a line, I apologize, to DarthJazy, to you, and to anyone else that I unintentionally offended. I still maintain that I was not actually denigrating, but I do recognize that at least you were offended. Mea culpa, and I am sorry. I thought I was being darkly funny, but obviously not.

By way of explanation, I was trying to convince DarthJazy to pre-order the book, which will not cost him a thing until November when it will be shipped. I think it would be possible for him or anyone else to save $30.00 in three months. If a person can afford to be on-line and play WoW, then I am safely assuming that as a North American, something can be cut out: your Starbucks coffee (or your Tim Horton's (that's for the Canucks out there)), your lottery ticket, your trip to the Beer Store (sorry, another Canadian (Ontario) reference) or liquor store, your newspaper, a magazine subscription, cable or satellite tv, your trip to the casino, or your WoW subscription, etc. There is no need to cut down on WoW specifically, because surely there is something else that a person can eliminate in order to save 34 cents a day for the next three months.


By pre-ordering this book, the publisher gets another number. Enough pre-orders boost the numbers, and when taken together, they build to justify a different level of publication, such as a hardcover, or a bigger run of trade or mass-market paperbacks. Talent does not count so much to the publishing industry as numbers. Janny Wurts is the best active fantasy writer in the business these days, bar none, but she has not received the respect or support from the publishing industry that her work deserves. Athera is an amazing place, made very real by Janny's skill and talent, and more people should hear about it, and read about it.

The publishers won't publish Janny's books unless we buy them, and buy them new. Second-hand sales do nothing to make money for publishers, or authors for that matter. They have one kick at the can, and that is the first purchase. If these books got the marketing support that, say, Robert Jordan or Terry Goodkind received, many more people would be aware of this series and would be scrambling to get the first seven books. When I think of how much better Wars of Light and Shadow (excellent) is compared to The Wheel of Time (really good, or was) or the Sword of Truth (okay), it makes me want to weep. Those series have their own good qualities, but Janny's is soooooooo amazing that the others just cannot compare. But the others are well marketed, and obviously sell a lot more as a result. Quantity wins over quality in the capitalist world.

Hopefully that last doesn't get me in even more hot water.

PLEASE, DARTHJAZY, AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO HASN'T: Pre-order the book. You won't have to pay until November 5, when it is shipped to you. You won't regret it, as we already have some authorial guarantee as to its quality (like we needed it). Whether or not you like it more than WoW is up to you, but if your in this chat area at all, I think that I can safely predict the outcome of that contest...

   By Angus on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 11:50 am: Edit Post

I have one more thing to add:

When was the last time any of us saw a stack of Janny's latest book at the front of Chapters, Barne & Noble, WH Smiths, etc.? I always found it hidden with only a few copies available back in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section of the shelves. I have never seen such a stack, whereas all that some fantasy and sci-fi hacks have to do is put their name on something, and they get that pile of books at the front of the store.

Okay, I think my rant is finished now. I have probably not only dug my hole deeper, but started a few others as well.

   By Angus on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 11:53 am: Edit Post

One last thing, for grammar freaks like me:

I meant "you are" or "you're", in the last sentence of my first post today, not "your". Too much typing!

   By Janny Wurts on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 12:27 pm: Edit Post

If you love the series, but can't afford to buy or preorder - there IS something you can do!

Join forums that readers frequent and - post a comment that's as enthusiastic about WHY you like a book - any book or author - puts that name and title "on the mental map." People sometimes have to see several such before it sinks in they may have missed something.

There are forums that specifically target books, and are there to recommend titles and inform/connect with like minded readers. One of the members of came here specifically to contact us - LT has two talk groups for fantasy - Green Dragon and Fantasy fans.

Currently there is a group read for Hell's Chasm that's "up against" the new release of Harry Potter. Almost daily, topics crop up that address various aspects of books and series, readers looking for books - sometimes quite specific kinds of books - and the readers there (many of them) look for a bit more depth. The same names crop up - and add up. Books get very visible, when they have support.

To join - you list your library - that's fun! And it "connects" you internally to like minded books and subjects.

I'd get less writing done if I spent too much time digging on the net - but there have to be many discussions of fantasy books "out there" ongoing in various news groups.

Word of mouth from an enthusiastic reader is the best - the very best! - way to help besides putting your cash on what you like to read.

It's very simple - Live what you love with passion - you will have more of it.

Write that enthusiastic recommendation and get it out there - whatever you love.

I do it all the time - If anybody likes very big thick books with a lot of intrigue and complexity - Sherwood Smith is busy with one that, yes, took me a bit to sink into (the story world's got a lot of "terms" and the politics are pretty complex) but - once the story "hit" it's quite impressive. Inda was the first volume, and The Fox, is just out. Nice pretty hardbacks - I hope the effort succeeds. The way it's shaping up after vol. II, certainly this author's reaching for something more than the usual fare.

   By Janny Wurts on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 12:36 pm: Edit Post

I have to add - you people are GREAT!

It has not been blythe or lively, pushing the finish of Stormed Fortress up against the current developments. And now, working into the start of Arc IV - the commitment on my part cannot lapse one bit. Authors work the ups and the downs, one does one's best - that's life.

But meantime - while I work at finding what's on the next page, and through the (brief we hope!) uncertainty regarding where the next printing partnership will arise in the US side of the equation -

You can't know how heart warming it is to log in here and see the level of support and appreciation!!!!!!

Not just for me - it is wonderful to see your caring and respect for each other.

Thank you!

   By Lyssabits on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 01:03 pm: Edit Post

As inoffensive as your comments may have been, it was the continued harping on WoW, the value judgments made about it, and the fact that you kept focusing on that as the sole cause of DJ's purported budget problems, that really got under my skin. I don't like it when people pass judgment on my hobbies, implying that their hobbies are better and therefore mine are worthless. Especially strangers on the internet. I like Janny's books, and I like WoW, and I don't like to have to choose between them. Thankfully I don't have to, but I'm certainly not going to be snide to anyone that does. I don't understand the appeal in sports and watch people spend tons of time and money on that, but it's their choice, and not mine.

I think anyone's financial situations really shouldn't be open to other people's scrutiny or criticism in a forum like this. If he can't afford it, he can't afford it. It doesn't matter why. Could have been any number of other things than WoW. I just had a car repair bill, means I have to cut back in my disposable income spending this month, but I think I'd rather wait a few weeks to preorder a book that's not coming out for two months than suspend my WoW account for those two months so I can afford it. ;) I won't be able to get the book any faster AND I'll have less to do while I wait. (At any rate, whatever it is people are spending their money on instead of Janny's book.. be it WoW, or Starbucks, or all those other things you mentioned.. really, that's no one else's business.

By all means, be enthusiastic in recommending that people preorder. I've bought many copies of Curse of the Mistwraith and the Empire series so I can convert my friends, so I shill for Janny all the time and can't be upset that other people want to do so as well. But telling people that they MUST preorder or ELSE, and here's what I think you should cut out of your budget in order to do it.. that's not fun. Also we're not the ones who need converting, we're all die hard fans, clearly, or we wouldn't be here. I don't think less of folks who can't justify forking out $30 on the hardbound /trade paperback and prefer to wait for the mass market paperback. I'm happy when people read these books, regardless of format.

Really, can't we all get along and leave personal stuff where it belongs? ;)

   By Jo on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 01:27 pm: Edit Post

I have a great idea lets take a deep breath, give a virtual hug, smile and relax.

   By Jeffrey L Watson on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 02:06 pm: Edit Post

So, Angus offered his apologies for what he said, which I took as tongue in cheek but would suggest a few emoticons sprinkled through the post might have made it more clear that it was being done more in jest and an effort to support Janny's books than any firing of a broadside. However, I accept that apology and believe that we can lay this little dust-up to rest. :-)

Jeff Watson

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   By Trys on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 02:11 pm: Edit Post


People sometimes have to see several such before it sinks in they may have missed something.

My understanding from talking with the marketing people where I work, it takes a person seeing something three (3) times before it registers as something that they might be interested in.

   By Angus on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 02:14 pm: Edit Post

Hey, I'm breathing big and relaxed. That's why I said I was sorry and tried to explain myself. Couldn't it have been left at that?

I think any further response from me, whether explanatory, apologetic, or otherwise, will just make it worse. This thing seems to be growing beyond its actual proportion, so, in the words of the great Stan Lee: 'Nuff said.

   By Angus on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 02:17 pm: Edit Post

How do you do emoticons in here? 'Cause I would have used them!

   By Trys on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 02:56 pm: Edit Post


Click on the Formatting link in the frame on the left. Although the simplest, a smile, gets automatically translated from the : and ) typed together. :-)


   By Reema Al Malik on Tuesday, August 07, 2007 - 05:15 pm: Edit Post

Heart-felt greetings and thanks to you Janny all the way from Dubai! :-) Athera is known and loved in this part of the world too.

I just checked Amazon, and almost got a heart-attack when I found the paperback edition on pre-order. Like many others I thought I missed the hardback edition, so I ran here to check before I gave in to hysterics.
**Big sigh of relief**

I hope the publishers will change their minds before the release date :-( . I WANT MY JANNY'S COLLECTION IN HANDSOME, DURABLE HARDBACKS!! HOW CAN THEY BE SO CRUEL?!! Augh! Paperbacks cannot endure continuous pressure applied by mesmerized readers who tend to lapse into unnerving bouts of laughter and fierce book-hugging whenever Arithon shows his foxy nature :-) .

I placed my order of course (paperback or not, I must have that book as soon as possible. I'll be sure to buy a second copy in hardback whenever that comes out). I will spend the next few months in delicious anticipation, and haunt my family with an idiotic, dreamy grin whenever I recall that the long-awaited sequel will soon reach my hands!

By the way: As a greedy fan, can I look forward to an artbook that features all your wonderful work sometime in the future?

Thank you Janny, for the beautiful spell you cast on us :-)

   By Janny Wurts on Tuesday, August 07, 2007 - 05:29 pm: Edit Post

Dubai? Wow - first time I have heard from anyone in that part of the world - welcome here Reema Al Malik - and those other new faces too.

Again thank you for your support. I am working on the problem - we are getting quite close to press time, and so far, no go....I know the numbers that would shift the equation - but there's no way to "meet them" without a way to preorder...just say I am working on the difficulty.

Anyone, of course, is welcome to sign up for the e mail list - to hear instantly if the situation shifts in favor. Your name and email are NOT handed out to anybody, and we don't send mail unless there is a release to announce - no frivolous stuff goes out, so your box won't get spammed with chatty updates. Just factual bulletins.

The artwork for a book is accumulating here - but so far it's a dream. Natch, I'd leap at the chance.

   By Nathan Kemp on Wednesday, August 08, 2007 - 02:51 am: Edit Post

Janny, would it help if I quickly set up an online book store, started taking pre-orders for the Hardback and then contacted Harper Collins and placed an order for 1000 copies of the Hardback Stormed Fortress?

Would that be enough to convince them to publish a hardback version. If not, what kind of quantities are we talking about in order to convince them to proceed with a hardback version?

I run a small graphic design business in Berkshire but am happy to go into online retail for a while if it will help you out.

   By Janny Wurts on Wednesday, August 08, 2007 - 09:35 am: Edit Post

I don't know what it would take - the quantity IS small, and if we added in the US sales of Traitor's Knot, we'd meet it five or more times over. So we only need a small fraction to meet the "line" drawn in the sand, there. My book was not singled out, we just got blanketed by a unilateral decision.

Obviously, I am still working creatively - but discussion takes time....

On a retail listing, the offer's very kind - but must be examined carefully for the impact - I've got to tighten any argument I present before I ask anyone to listen at the publisher - my suggestions have to make corporate sense, or else I become a "pest" --- meantime, I AM SEEING THE HEAT and the letters - not the party/s who made the decision.

We're the ant waving the red flags at the truck. the ants need to get seen by the guys IN the cab to be noticed...

Keep waving.

Enough outcry will make a difference - it's how to apply it and get it seen.

Part of the balk is that the dollar is down, against to the pound, which makes the price of the hardbound for US readers higher. A just consideration on the publisher's part - and a number I can't vouch for - how many readers would up the ante to have this book? That's totally unknown. I think enough would....we don't need them all....but thinking to a bean counter - hmmmp!

And how many readers here even KNOW to check for the listing? In the USA, we don't show in any listing in bookshops or US amazon. If a reader doesn't look us up here, we're off the radar.

If such a registration list was created (by the publisher, ideally) - how could we spread the word? How could we make such a proposal sound feasable?