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   By Wendy Collett on Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - 05:55 am: Edit Post

Hi all, sorry I haven't posted earlier, I've managed to restrain myself from checking this section out, since release of SF, since it would only tease myself unmercifully for a longer period of time, than I'm sure it will seem anyway... (sigh)

Anyway, point for this thread is: Canon - fine, sounds reasonable.

What about the 'sword' part?

A 'sword' is something weilded in either defence or attack by/on behalf of the canon. It cuts/slashes/stabs, threatens. In the case of Alitheil, it protects, and, and, oh, darn, I'll need to re-read that section again to refresh what else it does.

But there is also a saying (I think) about a sword turning on it's master?

A sword could start by working for the holder (the canon), and turn on it later?

This title could be a physical sword, but I think not. More likely to be a person or persons.

So - a situation not mentioned elsewhere that I saw, at the end of SF, Lysaer/Sulfin realise that the 'troops' are far more fanatical about the cause than they are now that the effects of the curse are partially broken/recognised.

In this case, the 'sword' could be the troops themselves, OR Lysaer. Who weilds whom?

Just my $0.02 worth. :-)


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