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   By Stephen Kenneally on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 - 07:33 pm: Edit Post

Hmmm... Well, this blows my "Sulfin Evend is gay" theory right out of the water.

I'm still holding out for Davien, though! :-)

   By Antonija Letilovic on Saturday, July 18, 2009 - 06:39 am: Edit Post

LMAO Stephen that's gold!


Em what about Talith's brother? If he had sired children before his death this may explain the resembelance to Talith the whole Tawny eyed walnut hair x'd with the naked admission she is Sulfin's decendant.

Eh gad! Winter! s'Gannley x s'Illessid x s'Ahelas! NOT A GOOD COMBO! for the characters sanity anyway!

I think Sulfin was successfull in stopping the Lights army and stalling the faith somewhat to squash the demand of the fanatics. Period. His herecy? Em perhaps people discovered his oath as his mark was visible. I think he sacrificed himself for Lysaer and the Oath.

I like this sneak peek stuff. Love it!

   By Antonija Letilovic on Saturday, July 18, 2009 - 09:06 am: Edit Post

foot note to above.

I note in regard to Sulfin's reputation in re-read that it is "still" in the archvies. Which would indicate (to me anyhow) that it shouldnt be there, given Daliana's reminder he succeeded followed by her emotional reaction... i feel that the archives are yet to be dealt with

Also Lirenda - we are continually reminded that she was of noble blood I cant remember if it was ever mentioned if she was from Etarra or not, perhaps she was related to talith and Deigan... If so? As Lirenda has no say in how she is used I can see Morriel gaining a s'Ilessid heir twice bound as wasn't Sulfin's first born to be promised to the Koriathain... then a young lady is presented to Laysers court looking awfully like Talith (perhaps the same spell craft used against Fionn was involved here too? with or with out a blood connection between Talith & Lirenda)... hmmmmmm it's just nasty enough to be a Koriathain plot to snare an heir to stick it to the 7 as Kevor is an Adept and changed and Lysaers wife more or less promised not to return.

Side note - Do Ath's Adepts get together an have little Adepts?

If Morriel is so desparate to trap a s'Ffalenn child why not a s'Ilessid one also? Esp one who's mother is under the thrawl of the Koriathian Prime then bound again by an oath made by sulfins father? The result is a double bound mother who presents a possible grand daughter that is to be Oath bound to the 7? What better way to fly in under the radar and cradle snatch and heir? So here ends my crazy rambling theory of the "singer of a discord" paired by force thanks to Morriel with "a colloquialism, diamond mind, 'one who is persistent' the result being Daliana who's root meaning or resulting colloquialism is still unknown but is described as a re-born Talith.

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