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   By HJ on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 - 01:12 pm: Edit Post

Hunter, we use it a lot in Britain; all areas and all classes (no such thing as a classless society here!) with a similar meaning to the one Trys described. The perception in Britain is that in the US it is thought of as being quite a "bad" swear word, meaning a homosexual or heterosexual rear-wise sexual act.

In Britain, it is considered to be one of the least offensive swear words.

   By Trys on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 - 03:42 pm: Edit Post


Here is the US it is not a bad swear word at all. But my impression of what it means from the BBC shows where I've heard it used has to do with usage... i.e., "Bugger it" would have a different meaning that "He's a bugger." yes? no?

I've never heard an American say "he's a bugger" The common American usage, which may not be part of the younger people's lexicon, is as Janny used it.


   By Hunter on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 - 05:45 pm: Edit Post

Thanks for the insights.. Australian usage is now mostly to describe some that is difficult/hard/tricky. Not quite sure how it acquired that inflection but glad it translates..

   By HJ on Thursday, April 15, 2010 - 04:49 am: Edit Post

Trys, in Britain it has lots of different meanings;

bugger it = blow it/hang it all/enough is enough
bugger off = go away
I'm buggered = I'm tired out/I'm confounded/I can't be bothered
I've buggered it up = I've broken it/I've made a mess of it/I've injured it (knee or something)
it was a bugger to do = it was very difficult

To call someone a bugger only occasionally has the sexual meaning. It can be used as a term of endearment/affection!
He's a bugger could mean he's a bit of a villain, or mischevous, or cunning. It's not unheard of for children to be described as "little buggers" in an affectionate way, as in "little rascal" or "little monkey".

Anyone think of or know of any other meanings?

x HJ

   By Trys on Thursday, April 15, 2010 - 05:15 am: Edit Post


I've heard all of those except "I'm buggered". :-)