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   By Laneth Sffarlenn on Friday, August 27, 2010 - 08:09 pm: Edit Post

Thanks Trys, I simply didn't think the series was going this way. Perhaps I'm remembering a conversation that happened a few years ago - it's been happening to me a lot lately :P

Should we write to HarperCollinsUK or start a petition or something? Or simply purchase the later volumes to illustrate that we are indeed interested?

   By Trys on Saturday, August 28, 2010 - 09:32 am: Edit Post

Inquiries to HarperCollinsUK could certainly show the interest. Purchasing the available E-format books will definitely help (I've done that). I also periodically visit the Amazon pages for the first three books and click the "I’d like to read this book on Kindle" located just beneath the image.

Sleo, I've noticed formatting problems on some books on the Kindle but not others. I suspect it is not Amazon who is responsible for this but whomever is creating the 'base' electronic version that is then converted to the destination format. When you say that the Nook version had no formatting problems, was it the same book you were comparing?

   By Janny Wurts on Saturday, August 28, 2010 - 09:50 am: Edit Post

James Horton - welcome here, and thanks, you get it. Peace of mind for a writer derives from numbers of New Books - and publishers don't print unless the return is worthwhile. The margins are narrow.

I thank you (and all the readers here) for supporting living writers. (PS, it feeds the cats, too :-))

On e-rights - all copies of the series and To Ride Hell's Chasm are legal through HarperCollins.

Audio versions are not in sight yet, but I'd be grandly excited if they were.

The Cycle of Fire IS coming in Audio - Stormwarden's release is quite soon (I will announce and provide links) - Audible is doing it, and the narrator will be (very talented!) David Thorpe. It is in production NOW. If it does well enough as a download - fingers crossed - it COULD also be produced in a format for bookshops...fingers crossed.

For e book versions - the older books that were typeset are MUCH harder to convert - write to the publisher, and click the request button for kindle if you buy from Amazon. That should speed things up.

Also - more new readers. THAT makes the publisher act faster on anything - the books with the numbers ALWAYS survive and this series is not for everyone - therefore, like-minded people know other like minded people, and enthusiasm is infectious. Rate and review, wherever you can, for books that tickle your fancy - publishers and readers do take notice! Even one or two lines of why you like a title can help a new reader make choices. There are MANY sites that let you rate and review....on some sites that allow this, the series has not even one entry. One day - take a check - these ratings vs one of the 'popular' series, or even - one that is midling popular - how many reviews and ratings were reader driven? THAT gives you a clue as to how the numbers are doing....often the more simplistic a title, the more readers 'get it' - when life gets full, who has time to bother with this little bit?

More: not only (these days) are writers expected to WRITE the books - contractually, they are now (often) REQUIRED to do publicity. I have to spend considerable time on this matter - and frankly, it eats into the creativity. (not in a bad way, it's enjoyable) - but - there are limitations on what an author can do. You readers are the best advocates - the old statistics are still the same: 90 percent of readers try a new book because they place highest trust in the words of their friends.

Money cannot buy that - it is the reward of satisfaction and the performance of a good read. If you received pleasure from something - the nicest thing you can do is share it. (and I know that all of you do that already).

Realize this: if you who love the books don't rate and review, a title is left with the few who spoke out due to happiness, VS the stridently dissatisfied whiners who tossed a book and didn't finish. The angry and the disappointed, who were ticked enough to put up their angst....that's fine, no story is for everyone... nice if the readers who "get it" help out others who might LIKE it see the merit and take the chance.

Now back to your tuned channel: I have been at work for 12-16 hrs, daily, never less than 10, to get this series turned in. Five chapters are through final proofing. The sixth is just about ready. That leaves eight to go. Yes, it is taking awhile. There is critical material in this volume and some VERY intricate staging for arc IV; some concepts being elaborated that have to be CRYSTAL CLEAR. What is happening now is not story fuss; that was already rock solid on completion of the full draft in April. It is extreme care with the language to make SURE all the concepts are executed with ease - and to tighten language all that I can, BECAUSE - this manuscript was darned long, and I want to keep the ending intact - (cost to page length ratio - can this book's numbers WORK). The more numbers, the more cost leeway.

I have not even thought about the glossary. It adds considerable length; I would RATHER have it full and complete.

Yeah - that's why I am itching over numbers, today - I am not seeing much reduction in the length, not dramatic reduction, anyway. The writing, scene by scene, was extremely tightly plotted ... I'll have a better picture WHEN the manuscript is turned in soon - but meantime, numbers can continue to change in favor.

The better the numbers when the book goes in, the better ...

Thanks to all of you who are supporting the new formats - :-). That is way cool, and amazing.

Your time, people, is your most precious commodity. I work to the utmost of my ability to earn that trust.

Initiate's Trial will blow your minds. Did the best I could to make it so.

   By Sleo on Saturday, August 28, 2010 - 10:04 am: Edit Post

Thanks, Janny

@Trys - yes they were the same book - Grand Conspiracy. Actually, I bought all the books available for Kindle and read them on the free PC download program from Amazon, as I have a Nook. Janny later told me that Fugitive Prince was available at Waterstones. I subsequently bought all the titles available there, as I wanted to reread them. I have reread FP, GC, and PG on my Nook, and the formatting is much better.


   By Janny Wurts on Saturday, August 28, 2010 - 12:24 pm: Edit Post

I can't wait, too. More than you know.
The tough slog thru 6 set is now complete.

To get you (and me) the rest of the way there to final copy - I have 73 pages to x check, backwards. Then the same number to key in the marked changes.

Then the proofers get to work.

The rest of Janny's weekend, laid out straight, at a flat sprint.

If writing was easy, everyone would do it?