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   By Annette on Saturday, July 02, 2011 - 06:42 pm: Edit Post

Way back in June 2008 (you can see it in the first archived section) Janny mentioned the title of main chapter IV was called Dispossessed. This snippet inspired lots of speculation on what the title might be referring to. I joined up only last year so missed all that, but having more info now can perhaps make a better guess.

The person who was dispossessed of just about everything, perhaps even his own body is Arithon. Perhaps in main Chapter 4 Janny is going to show us how Arithon got himself imprisoned in the first place.

   By Annette on Tuesday, July 05, 2011 - 11:41 pm: Edit Post

I have never really paid much attention to book launches, but I assume the publisher does something to try and gain attention for the book, or does the author have to organise that part these days as well. Is there anything planned yet Janny? Interviews, readings, personal appearances? For the American fans, or those with lots of money to travel will you be doing a reading from Initiate's Trial for Dragon Con this September?

   By Janny Wurts on Wednesday, July 06, 2011 - 08:39 am: Edit Post

DragonCon - YES, I presume there will be a reading, but I haven't been contacted, yet. (Programming sometimes runs late). Good reminder to check.

As to other publicity - I have no word, yet. I know it was made a 'featured title' at the May sales meeting for the fall releases.

As well, we will be at the Lucca Comics and Games Fair in Lucca, Italy, over the release date (Don is guest artist/I'll be there, too) so if anyone wants to meet us there, we are looking forward to that! The programming items are being put together.

Past that, I don't know. The editors were very backed up last month in London, and I haven't yet gotten a response.

   By Sarolta Csik on Thursday, July 07, 2011 - 03:37 am: Edit Post

Hi, a delurker here, enticed to come out by the mention of Italy and the chance to meet you. After checking the map plus travelling options and costs (I live in Hungary), I think I can afford a trip to Italy, so I hope I can meet you there. I just have to finish my thesises by the deadline so I'll be free to go. With this trip as motivation I don't think it will be problem anymore!

PS. Will it be possible to buy a copy of Initiate's Trial directly from you?

   By Janny Wurts on Thursday, July 07, 2011 - 09:48 am: Edit Post

Hi Sarolta Csik -- welcome to de-lurk!

That is fantastic that you will have the chance to come to Lucca! From what I understand, Don and I will have a booth with Imaginosis, so we will be there, and I do hope to be able to have books and prints there. It's a little early yet to know all the details, except that the trip is a definite.

Best of luck with your thesis!