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   By Stefan Strindin on Friday, February 02, 2007 - 03:58 am: Edit Post

Well, I have been here a few time's watched and tonight i had some time i thought what the heck.
So i registered a account and i would like too give out some of my thought.
What i think will happen in STORMED FORTRESS is that the síBrydions will comply with the matron mother. How this works out well they will go into the wood's and hide like rabbit's of course ^^, Nah seriosly i think they will get too pick up a lot of the old way's and even more new way's too stay alive, becuse that's the most important thing your own life you your self will deside.
As other's have pointed out Elaria has grown and i think she will be a big help, she has shown herself too be trustworth and the perfect fit for Arithon. My speculation's is that she will help Arithon with his brother but i dont think she will do anything against Arithon Or her Superiors.
So basicly it will be Arithon's job too take care of Selidie now, that is if she does more stupid things.
The main reason i think these books are so good is becouse every person think's he/she is doing the right thing. people has said and it's in the book that if only Lysaer would get a grip and accept that he's cursed that would be the first step. Well i agree but i don't think he wants too or can do it at all, think on the things he has done in order too capture Arithon. He has pulled a whole continent closer/to the brink of war, is that something you think a person clear of mind would accept even if it was the curse's fault it still came out of his mouth and he did a lot too make the situation worse. So i don't think that Lysaer will come too term's with himself in this book and i don't want too speculate on that before i have read STORMED FORTRESS so i know what way Janny will go.
People has also mentioned Davien and Ciladis.
Well Davien has his own set of goal (we all have)
and he will do what he think's is right, this was writen in TK he will turn Arithon into a weapon i would think this is his short term goal. Long term? well that wont have anything too do with STORMED FORTRESS so i wont mention it.
Ciladis i think he was incapasitated and guarded by Paravian's so i reckon we wont see him. The Paravian, they are guarding him so that he can't tell the other of the Felloship were they are. They are doing this so that it wont become their problem. The Humans are the Fellowship's Problem.
well ill continue too think about this, this is a way too both know the books better and too waste time till some new good book come's out.
There is some spelling mistakes but i am not english so that's ok ^^.

   By Hunter on Sunday, February 04, 2007 - 07:29 pm: Edit Post

I prophesize the following happening in Stormed Fortress..
- We will see a live dragon -> I want to see one of these things.. In FP in the Korias grimward, Asandir tells Dakar that only another dragon could truly survive inside the grimward simply because it could reknit the fabric of creation and itself. At the end of TK, Sethvir was still battling to keep several grimwards under control. Davien made mention in TK to Haspastionís living mate. Asandir has made mention about the possibility of live drakes still being around Ė after all, we donít know how, or when the drakes left. We know the last Paravians left the continent around 5100 Third Age, but no such mention of when, or where, the drakes left. The drakes charged the Fellowship with Paravian survival. The Paravians created grimwards to contain the problem of dead drake dreams.. The Fellowship are now left to stabilize these pieces of magecraft. If Sethvir were to fail and become dispersed or consumed in a grimward, the Fellowship would lose both a valued member and the Warden of Althain. With the Paravians gone, and presumably living dragons not too far away, might one decide to return and assist with stabilizing grimwards or consuming/transmuting (somehow)/nullifying the dead drake dreams so that grimwards arenít required? If so.. a live dragon would be required..
- We will see and meet Athlien Paravians - We have met Ilitharis Paravians in PG Ė the same one met both Lysaer in Araethura and then joined Arithon in Kewar, Iím not counting Lirendaís meeting with Shehane Althain! Ė and Riathan Paravians have had several mentions and appearances. For example, to Elaira in the hostel of Athís Adepts where she was blessed (the implications of which are yet to be determined). Apart from the mentions of Elshian with respect to the Masterbardís Lyranthe, and a number of mentions of Cianor Sunlord and Moonlord in several glossary entries and Luhaineís rummaging through the storerooms of Althain Tower coming across the grand sceptre that Cianor used, weíve seen nothing of the Athliens. Itís time we saw the remaining Paravian race.. so Iím hoping they appear somewhere. A bit like the drakes.. It would be fun to see them appear!
- When will Ciladis return? Heís been hidden since a mention early in Curse.. he seems to be warded by spells with Riathan Paravians standing guard. Arithon went sailing to find him in GC to no effect. The wards containing Ciladis seem not to be keyed to simply the return of sunlight, so whatever event has to happen to allow him to be free has yet to come into effect. The return of Ciladis is, according to Dakarís Black Rose prophecy, tied to Arithon embracing his Kingdom of Rathain. Through TK, Arithon mastered the Curse and learnt under Davienís tutelage, and finally expunged the Kralovir, which is as much to do with the saving of Athera and perversely Lysaer. Is it a step closer to embracing his kingdom? Possibly. I still think that the Mistwraith has to be resolved before Ciladis can return. I think Arithon is fundamental to resolution of the Mistwraith and heís going to be rather busy in SF trying to sort out the síBrydions, Alestron, whatever Davien is up to, Morrielís current problems, Elaira, Lirenda, etc.. the resolution of the Mistwraith and hence freedom for Ciladis is still some ways off.. hence at least Arc IV.. itís very possible Ciladis may not return until Arc V if Arc IV turns into concentration on resolution of the Mistwraith.
- Free wraiths from Marak will stream into Athera, which the Fellowship and Arithon will need to handle. This will get major publicity and exposure on Athera and it will begin to be seen that the Religion of Light was powerless and the Fellowship arenít the baby killers they are made out to be.
- Through this series, we've seen ever increasing exposure of Davien's reasons for his rebellion, in SF we will hear him say them in his own words
- In trying to re-align the Great Waystone, it will shatter and be lost to the Koriani OR
- in trying to do so, Morriel will fail and be sucked into itís matrix to join the myriad failed Primes already there
- this shattering will release Lirenda
- Lirenda will try to control Elaira via the Skyron, which through an appeal from Elairaís personal crystal, will refuse
- Lysaerís attempts to storm Alestron will rebound and his massive elemental Light will burn yet another of his armies into dust..
- Dakar will shave and lose 150 pounds as the winner of Atheraís Biggest Loser..
- Jeynsa will run into Tharrick and Jinesse and be charged by Jinesse to return Arithonís ring to him, at a time of Jeynsaís choosing
- Sulfin Evend will find the Biedar in Sanpashir and either
a) be thrown into the grimward by them; or
b) become a disciple to Mother Dark, aligned with his caithedeinís oath, to finally make his pledge to Lysaer untenable. He joins the hostel of Athís Adepts in Shaddorn and meets with Ellaine and Kevor
- Kevor returns to Avenor to convert the masses from the Religion of Light and their delusion
- Lysaer builds an enormous monument to himself in EtarraÖ

   By Laneth Shadow-Walker on Sunday, February 04, 2007 - 09:30 pm: Edit Post

- Dakar will shave and lose 150 pounds as the winner of Atheraís Biggest Loser..

Ye have no idea how hard that made me laugh! I'm reading this at work, eating and I nearly laughed food out my nose!
That is some comic gold!

And your predictions are unbelievably awesome. I agree 100% with your vision, though Janny will undoubtably snicker in the background with the intimate knowledge she has of her storyline.

   By Hunter on Sunday, February 04, 2007 - 09:49 pm: Edit Post

Another entry into the "haven't seen it yet so want to see it" category..

A high king using his Royal Jewels in defence of his realm.. given Eldir is the only one who is currently invested as High King and he seems to have his full regalia, perhaps Eldir defending his realm from the zealots in the Religion of Light could be a feature..

All along Eldir has been neutral, although sorely tested.. by Lysaer and Dakar.. should Alestron fall in SF, Havish will be the sole resistance to the Religion of Light's conquest of the continent of Paravia.. excepting Althain Tower of course, and Kewar.. and Sorceror's Preserve.. and a few grimwards.. and Ath's Adepts hostels.. and Koriani hospices..

Hmm.. speaking of Alestron.. let's see. In FP, Lysaer was summoned to Althain and given the option to repent and obey the compact. He refused and was therefore thrown out of the Compact and hence cast onto Paravian justice. In PG, Lysaer faced the shade of the Ilitharis Paravian, summoned (or allowed to appear) by Jieret prior to his death, at which time Lysaer was specifically Named as Outcast and reminded of that event at Althain. Lysaer now goes to attack Alestron, which is protected by Paravian wrought defences.. the first such site that Lysaer has chosen to attack. Although a longish bow to draw, there's a distinct possibility Lysaer may face a live Paravian when he's called to account for his actions. He refused the power of the sacred grove in Shaddorn, the Fellowship and an Ath's Adept in Althain, Kharadmon's mage recovery of Sulfin Evend from the Korias Grimward and the shade of the Paravian in Araethura. A live Paravian may be a little less easy to ignore and Lysaer could well be forced to finally confront his demons.

   By Hunter on Sunday, February 04, 2007 - 09:57 pm: Edit Post

I hope you've recovered.. :-)

   By Hunter on Wednesday, February 14, 2007 - 06:26 am: Edit Post

There are two further items in thinking that I neglected to mention that are building nicely through TK so should feature SF in a major way.

1. Alithiel - in TK Arithon learnt it was a tool for peace, not for bloodshed. The Khadrim attack early in Curse is an indication of it's power although I think what it actually did is not yet fully understood. Arithon also used it for defence in the iyat attack on Feylind's boat. The cover for GC features Arithon about to enter Kewar with Lysaer behind - Alithiel's starwards are becoming active.. Alithiel nearly burnt Asandir's cloak in Ithamon when the Mistwraith first attacked Arithon outside the wards of Kieling tower.

So.. two thoughts..
1. Arithon with Alithiel activated faces a rampant, curse made Lysaer. Lysaer has resisted the call to foresake his vain pursuit of Arithon many times - in Shaddorn, in his Kharadmon assisted recovery of Sulfin Evend, at Althain. Can he go on doing this? At some point he needs to stop.. could Alithiel finally make him see sense?

2. Wraiths from Marak invade and only Arithon with Alithiel is able to redeem them in peace.. only slight flaw is that if it was that simple, surely the Rathain High King at the time of the Mistwraith's incursion would have activated the star wards.. If not, there was also Paravians there who may know how to activate them.. but Arithon is rather more mage trained than any previous High King of any kingdom..

   By Jeffrey L Watson on Sunday, February 18, 2007 - 08:48 am: Edit Post

I deleted some posts this morning that were inappropriate. For those who saw them I apologize for their presence.


   By Neil on Sunday, February 18, 2007 - 04:16 pm: Edit Post

Hunter, Arithon does seem to be best placed to deal with the free wraiths...Moriel mentionned a masterbards ability to do so in FP during her visit to Althain.

Not sure why the fellowship will not be in a position to give some support...or how long the star wards would last?

There is Dakar's vision of "someone" playing in Arithon's best style for decades(?) this in FP or GC I forget.

   By Hunter on Sunday, February 18, 2007 - 05:00 pm: Edit Post

I realized I'd forgotten my second thought from earlier.. this is around the role that the Biedar will play. Presumably Sulfin Evend is able to find the Biedar in Sanpashir as he seeks to return the knife lately worn by Lysaer to it's rightful owner.

If I remember correctly, Arithon's Masterbard Lyranthe was left at the Sanpashir focus circle when Arithon and Dakar transferred into Jaelot (all those years ago!). Given Arithon was playing his Lyranthe when Parrien s'Brydion came to visit at the Paravian ruins, the Biedar should know Arithon's liking for music and kept his lyranthe there for safe keeping.

So, a wild speculation that Sulfin Evend, after returning the knife, will be charged by the Biedar to return Arithon's lyranthe to him.. :-)

I'm also wondering the connection between the Biedar and Athlien Paravians.. The glossary entry for Athlien Paravians says, in part: "keepers of the grand mystery". The derivation for Biedar is :ancient desert dialect for "lore keepers".

Neil - Arithon seems best placed to deal with just about anything that Athera has to offer! Except his own peace of mind! Arithon meeting a great drake might be fun..

   By Lola Armstrong on Friday, March 16, 2007 - 06:15 pm: Edit Post

Okay, I'll bite. Somehow Lysaer has to be redeemed and if he's going to help defend against the Marak hordes, he'll have to be functional once he realizes how many people have died for his cursed-twisted cause. If Ath's Adepts and a centaur guardian couldn't do it, it'll have to be Arithon. How on earth will you hold Lysaer still long enough to save him?

   By Angus on Friday, March 16, 2007 - 07:41 pm: Edit Post

Okay, I'm very new to this chat area, though I have been reading Janny's stuff since the Empire series was first released.

I really think Hunter's summary above really nails it down, until November 5 when we find out that Hunter and the rest of us are completely wrong (except about the less important details). Janny is just having too much fun reading all of this!

Seriously, this is the last volume of the Alliance of Light. That implies the Alliance dies, or at least is death a death blow that takes a while to set in. I think Alestron will fall, but it will cost the Light so dearly that it will be a Pyrrhic victory. Remember, the guys paying the bills are getting a little antsy. The S'Brydions will set a trap, engineered to blow up in the Light's faces when they come riding in. Those guys are just too clever to go up against and not get beat in some way, even when the odds are impossible, which they do. They just haven't admitted it aloud yet.

Something might even be set up by the S'Brydion cunning that nails Lysaer when he uses his elemental light gift.

I think Dakar's weight was already lost in the sneek peek?

   By Leonie on Thursday, March 22, 2007 - 05:18 am: Edit Post

Hmmmmmmm, now there's a toss up in my mind - what I want to happen versus what Janny has cunningly devised to shock us properly........

In terms of surprises : Davien looses a living great drake from a grimward in order to combat the incoming wraiths, and Arithon then sings the Drake back into the Grimward.

(This is the wildest and most improbable thought I could come up with - although it doesn't quite match Dakar's weight loss...)

Or : alternatively : Arithon comes face to face with Lysaer, masters the curse within himself while holding Lysaer captive within a net of obedient iyats, and sings him to repentance.

Obviously I have missed large chunks of plot here......


   By Neil on Thursday, March 22, 2007 - 09:18 am: Edit Post

I may be mis-remembering...

..but Sethvir "keeps constant watch"...presumably to keep an eye out for any true drake-dream activity. What would he *do* if he did see any?

Davien admits that the F7 have been unable to break the drake bindng. So the drakes are not to be "messed with"...

I do not get the impression that any grimwards contain live drakes ?!? Though I guess we've only seen inside one!

Since the F7 Athera landing has there been any communication between drake and paravian or F7 and drake? Is there a dialogue we have not yet seen? Do the drakes have an agenda afecting this story? Or are humans of little note to them?

   By Angus on Thursday, March 22, 2007 - 09:31 am: Edit Post


Who hasn't missed large chunks!!!

No how, no way will Lysaer be redeemed, until the Mistwraith is finally defeated, instead of just contained. It must die for the curse to die, right?

I am hoping for some poetic justice at the end of Lysaer's life. Now, to be fair, the poor lad was pretty nice in CotMW, until he got zapped at Ithamon and started having headaches, going totally bonkers at Arithon's crowning. Redemption would be nice, but it would be too Hollywoodish.

Somebody has to release a drake, and it might as well be Davien. But I thought the grimwards just held dead drakes. Where would a live drake come from? The Withered Heath?

What, then, will be used to defeat the Marak hordes? Is that for Arc 4 or Arc 5? The Marak hordes are crossing space, and if they do not have faster-than-light travel, it should take them several years to arrive, if not decades or even centuries.

I don't think the Marak hordes will get there for quite some time, but they need to be dealt with while still in space.

But what about Rockfell? The Mistwraith is still only bottled up, and continually trying to work its way free...

   By Hunter on Friday, March 23, 2007 - 05:59 am: Edit Post

Interesting thoughts..

- Sethvir has the earthlink to sense most of what's happening on Athera. If drake-dream escaped a grimward, I'm not sure what Sethvir could do. Remember Asandir's comment that only a live drake could survive a grimward and that's only because it could recreate itself as a way to defeat the devolution into chaos of the grimward. I would doubt there are live drakes in grimwards, however the veil has little meaning to drakes, as does the linear time progression, so in reality, anything is possible.

- the drakes did the Second Dreaming at Corith which summoned the Fellowship and the charge to ensure Paravian survival was laid on the Fellowship. The way I interpret both the dream and the charge was that the drakes were looking for a group capable of great destruction, this called the Fellowship as they were then. The drakes then created the binding on the Fellowship to essentially give them the power to act. Mindset + power to act = ability to eradicate drakespawn.

We don't know when the drakes left. There has been no non-Fellowship human mention of drakes so one can only assume that was in the Second Age. But there would have been drake/Fellowship interaction at least early in the Second Age.

- The Curse has warped Lysaer, become a fundamental part of him. I think it completely separate now from the wraith's in Rockfell. They could do and not change the Curse. The Curse is similar to Arithon's empathic link with Elaira. Both ceased to function when Arithon went into Rockfell. As with every example in this series, the first step to redemption is a willingness to accept and change. Lysaer has had many, many opportunities to do so and has so far refused all of them. Because of who Lysaer *is*. The Curse has magnified his vanity, his pride and warped his gift of Justice. Only he can change that.

- Lysaer was an arrogant, ineffectual bigot on Dascen Elur. Fionn Areth is making a torturous path to thinking for himself, will Lysaer ever do this by himself? Or when faced by a full blood Paravian, or even a drake? Surely drake justice is far more powerful than Paravian..

- Kharadmon didn't seen to take that long to return from Marak, so the wraiths presumably shouldn't..

   By Neil on Friday, March 23, 2007 - 08:14 am: Edit Post

I found the mention from Asandir in "Ships"...Sethvir keeps continual watch...mention is made of drake spawn, great/greater worms and drakes. Not sure whether worms are drakes?

Not sure whether the binding to preserve paravian life => protection of athera => intervention in drake affairs?

Curious that the F7 are considered masters of destruction, more capable than the drakes themselves?

The binding does not imply that the initial intention was to eradicate drakespawn; redemption seems foremost, I feel. War a last resort.

Woah there Hunter! When the drakes "left"?!? How do we know they left?

Actually in GC a traveller mentions drakes to Fionn. So humans on Athera know these creatures at least used to live on Paravia...

   By Sundancer on Friday, March 23, 2007 - 10:18 am: Edit Post

All these contests have given me an excuse to re-read the series again (as if I needed one). I also got my son engaged, so he's now encouraging his friends to read them Janny.

I wanted to say thank you so much for your vision and compassion, they're wonderful books, and the fact that you engage with your readers is also wonderful and humbling. They speak so much to my theology/spirituality - free choice, such a hard thing but the only way to truly respect others, the undercurrent of knowing the divine is joy unbounding; that empathy and valuing the individual is critical - the ends never justify the means; and so much of what goes wrong in the real world is refusal to acknowledge your own faults/pain/problems and refusal to see another's point of view - being self blinded. And the breadth of your tapesry! I love the idea of song and energy being the foundation of everything. I haven't had the nerve to contribute before, so I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your vision in these books, and another time when it's not 1 am I'll expound more.

I haven't finished Peril's Gate on this read through, and I think I'll have more ideas once I finish TK, but here goes for some ideas not yet floated.

My son thinks (and I agree) that Fionn Areth will die. He was born in the first chapter of the first book of this arc. He's still got both death by fire and death in crossed steel and smoke to go. Given Arithon's luck I suspect that he will survive but betrayed (that's Fionn Areth dying in crossed steel and smoke isn't it?).

Each arc has ended on a pyrrhic victory, with Arithon 'free' and Lysaer temporarily stymied and evolving new techniques. It makes sense for this one also.

Obviously Alestron will be stormed by Lysaer, but I'm not going to hazard a guess as to the means. I suspect Lysaer captures the fortress, and Arithon is true to his promise not to support the s'Brydion. Given that the first book states that the wars of light and shadow lasted 500 years, Lysaer's not going to die or be converted, as some are suggesting, though I do wonder if in later arcs he will be so controlled by the religion he creates that even if he has a change of heart he could stop the juggernaut. Particularly if the curse overtakes his sanity more and more.

Sulfin Evend meets Arithon. He's on his way to Sanpashir, our last sight of Arithon in TK was him arriving at the Focus circle there. That is going to be fascinating!!! wild guess: Sulfin Evend is going to be won over to sympathy to Arithon. He already sees Lysaer more clearly than anyone else in Lysaer's company, and he's had to readjust his thinking on a number of matters - he KNOWS the curse is what drives Lysaer. It will be very hard for him to be convinced (and it may not be quick), he's rock stubborn and sworn to the Light, but he's caithdein and honest, and few people who take the trouble to know Arithon keep their prejudices.

Jeynsa is convinced that Arithon is possessed by necromancy, and she's going straight to the caithdein who saw Arithon being trained in necromancy. People jump to conclusions about Arithon, and he lets them - will Jeynsa turn the clans against Arithon? I can't imagine him more isolated and beleagured than losing almost all human support. Will he be reconciled with Jeynsa, and how? Will we see the clans joining the Light?

I'm not convinced that the Alliance will fall apart at the end of this Arc. Again recall the preface to the first book (which I don't have in front of me) - I think the religion of the Light outlasts the wars into the next Age. Lysaer is going to make decisions about his next stage of conquest of the hearts and minds of humanity on Athera.

Davien wants to break the drake's binding and free the Fellowship - but maybe that will be a later arc. Somehow he has a completely different vision to the others, my understanding is that he thinks human nature dooms humanity to repeat the same mistakes, he voted against providing sanctuary at all. He thinks the kingdom and royalty model of the Fellowship is inherently unstable, and thinks in scales way beyond 500 years. How can Arithon be a weapon or key to changing humanity (or the risk humanity poses to Paravian survival) for all time? I await the next few arcs with enormous anticipation, and I wouldn't dare presume on janny's capactiy for invention and surprise.

Elaira will be drawn in again - she has to be there to make decisions about Fionn Areth according to his birth prophecy. Can she fall into Lysaer's hands, or would the Koriani protect her? What would Lysaer do to her if he got hold of her?

The Koriathain have been very quiet since they Waystone was damaged, except for trying to get Elaira pregnant. Elaira is copmmanded to follow Arithon. Would they use her as a pawn to catch Arithon by making her vulnerable to Lysaer? How did that promise from Selidie go? Lirenda is another self-blind person - poor lady unable to acknowledge her own faults and so blames Arithon for her fate. She can't speak but I think she is able to write of her own free will - was that an oversight? How could she use that? She still doesn't have any authority, will anyone listen to her? I can't imagine Janny keeping her in this state without some ulterior plan. Is there any value in them capturing Arithon now? he's still their key to thier freedom

When oh when will Elaira realise she can ask for Fellowship help to be free of her Koriani vows - in another 450 years? I don't think that penny will drop in this book.

I can't believe that Arithon would deliberately put himself within reach of Lysaer - he may be able to protect himself from the curse, but he can't protect those who would get caught in the middle of Lysare's attack, and he wants no more deaths. Nevertheless everyone is heading for the same corner of the country, and Lysaer will feel his presence and be drawn to him. How can Arithon keep his word to the clans if Lysaer's chasing him all over the country?

So what happens to the Fellowship? How does Janny stop them intervening this time? I forget whether Asandir's stopped mending grimwards or not: but I think an incursion of free wraiths could keep them tidily busy (maybe too obvious - Janny is never obvious).

Concering the drakes - somewhere there is a mention that some drakes my be quiescent in the deeps of the earth, and there's discussion (in PG?) of there being no time/no sorcerer available to rouse a dragon if the worst happens and the Mistwraith gets free. So I think there are live dragons but they've withdrawn so their dreams do no more harm.

I am also waiting for more comedy, more quirky characters, more surprises, more enormous demands on Arithon tying him more closely to the land and more clues to all the mysteries.

thanks for the journey :-). Have a good laugh Janny, I'm sure none of us are getting anywhere near but it's fun to speculate

I'd better go to bed!

Thanks Janny for the site - I've enjoyed it enormously over the last couple of years.

   By Janny Wurts on Thursday, August 02, 2007 - 02:37 pm: Edit Post

I do have a winner and runner up for this topic selected. However, it will not be announced until after the book is released - for obvious reasons!

So squirm in your seats, or use the extra time to speculate some more....if somebody jumps in with a better list, well - grin. Maybe you'll sway the results, and maybe you won't.

Authorial chuckle - duke it out.

   By Christopher James Hayes on Friday, August 03, 2007 - 10:20 am: Edit Post

I had one idea the other day reading through the beginning of Fugitive Prince and thought I'd post. When Elaira is on her way to deliver Fionn Areth she worries about coming across one of the fast flowing streams which would be unpassable and there is a reference to Daon Ramon

"the same had been true of daon ramon, long ago, before the diversion of the mighty Severnir's flood by Etarran townsmen had rendered that golden land barren"

When Lysaer's armies march from Etarra the shortest route would be across the Barrens and Lysaer has already shown he's willing to take armies across them despite the paravian hauntings.

Although Arithon has withdrawn his support from the s'Brydion one way to considerably delay Lysaers armies would be to break the dam and let the Severnir flow back into the Barrens. Possibly the clans in Rathain (with or without Arithons help) will act.

As well as being a good delaying tactic, at some point the barrens will have to be restored as they are a part of the free wilds (if i remember rightly) and the paravians will not be impressed if they return and the grassland is still barren. Also if the barrens are made green and fertile again it would possibly pave the way for the black rose to take root and grow.

   By Janny Wurts on Friday, February 08, 2008 - 10:48 am: Edit Post

OK - winner for most thoughtful projection: Sundancer

Runner up for Wildest Guess - Caroline Andrews

E mail your addresses, and I'll send out your prizes.

   By Sundancer on Monday, February 11, 2008 - 07:26 am: Edit Post

Oh thank you Janny - this really makes my week!
(Tips cat off lap and does a happy dance. Cat washes self and pretends the mad capering is none of her business.)

I'd convinced myself that Hunter had the most right issues - even dragons and Athlien Paravians

I will email you

   By Hunter on Monday, February 11, 2008 - 04:56 pm: Edit Post

Congrats Sundancer!!

I think I just stated things *I* would like to see and thought might appear - and some did. Lysaer immolating his own troops was a relatively easy guess I think.

Your post showed the reasoning and intent of the characters, the "why" of what they were doing => 'most thoughtful projection'. Very good.

   By Sundancer on Saturday, February 16, 2008 - 03:26 am: Edit Post

thanks Hunter :-)

   By max on Sunday, February 17, 2008 - 10:58 pm: Edit Post

Could Kevor return to Tysan and turn the entire Religion of Light into follower of the Ath's Adepts? Would that help or hinder Ath's Adepts? I know they don't seek followers but if this turned out to be for the greater good of humanity on athera and therfore good for Athera as well??... On the other hand fanatics of any religion are more prone to destruction and intolerance. Oh well.,, speculation,don't you know. [smiling at ya]

   By Laneth Sffarlenn on Sunday, February 17, 2008 - 11:00 pm: Edit Post

As an Adept himself now, Kevor has embraced their beliefs, and would hence be unable to return to Tysan in a position of rulership, coersion or manipulation - he is now part of the Order which dictates non-involvement where mortals' destinies lay.

Tis a cool thought though :-)

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