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How many different forms of Sight, Prophecy, and Augury are named in the books - the most complete and accurate list is the winner.
   By Hunter on Saturday, February 03, 2007 - 08:20 am: Edit Post

Sight: the s'Valerient version of Sight is one aspect. Steiven knew the manner of his death and Jieret visions after Arithon's tienelle scrying are one such grouping.
Prophecy: Dakar's prescience - that which he rememebers (so is changeable) and that which he doesn't recall and is thought to be "true" prophecy (e.g. Black Rose Prophecy). Arithon's awakened prescience courtesy of his ancestors on the distaff side may or may not fall into the realm of Prophecy
Tribe of Sanpashir - augury in Child of Prophecy that resulted in the birth of Dari s'Ahelas
Augury: Blood augury, Traithe had to do something similar to recall Arithon from the Korias grimward

Morriel casts auguries using her Koriani powers, such as her learning that Arithon will cause her demise.

   By Hunter on Saturday, February 03, 2007 - 06:56 pm: Edit Post

There are more types of augury - augury being an explicit, determined attempt to view the future to sound for possibilities. Varies from Sight or Prophecy which although potentially both more or less accurate or "true" generally come unbidden e.g. Dakar's Prophecy and Jieret's Sight.:

1. Augury by strands where the Fellowship explore possibilities for the future.
2. Tienelly scrying - e.g. Arithon prior to the battle of Strakewood and also aboard his boat.
3. Augury using jewels such as what the Koriani use.. e.g. Morriel/Selidie's sounding of the Future.

Fionn Areth has a birth augury cast by an old seer with true Sight who named him and his birth augury..

   By Neil on Sunday, February 04, 2007 - 02:31 pm: Edit Post

"The most complete and accurate list is the winner" - I could cut and paste Hunter's list above I guess...but I don't think I would have missed any of those out :-) Anyway...I'm not worried about winning...just taking part :-)

I'll add:

1) We haven't met her yet but I think Kharadmon mentionned her to Verrain.

Her details are in the Peril's Gate glossary.

She is a seer Reiyaj who lives in southern Shand. Her oracular visions are based on meditation with the Sun. She is blind and the origin of her tradition comes from the desert tribes...but I may be stretching a point that her art is "different". We have not seen any blindness in the tribes if I recall correctly (their sacred weaving at the well presumably had no "casualties").

2) The Fellowship quite wisely talk to the elements in Grand Conspiracy when they *need* to know the future. This episode for me was alien but I guess it shows just how out of their depth humanity are on Athera...

3) s'Ahelas have farsight - Hunter has this -(fellowship geas) which is not perhaps seeing, only anticipating...but this is what Arithon has awakened (according to Davien...curious that any historic s'Ahelas talents weren't equally exciting for Davien?)...but if Arithon's and Lyaser's mother is descended from Dari s'Ahelas, they would also have...

4) ...the s'Dieneval gift of prophetic clairvoyance.

   By Hunter on Wednesday, February 14, 2007 - 06:40 am: Edit Post

Some clarification..

Dakar's visions:
- fated - originate externally and occur through him as a conduit, hence Dakar has no impact on these.
- waking - insights come through Dakar so are influenced by him and have varying levels of probability

Jieret's Sight would be similar to Dakar's waking visions but because Jieret's tie to the land is a cleaner path for the visions. So more likely to be true.

We've missed Sethvir's thundering earthlink that tracks the strands of current happenstance and can where they might branch into the future.

All of these involve some sort of collapse or merging of time/space.. the calling of the elements at Earle and the specific breaking of the space / time continuum is another example.

Janny has mentioned the Paravians and presumably drakes don't see time as being truly linear (e.g. calling of Ilitharis Paravian in Daon Ramon out of the past).. whether that's augury or simply due to the nature of the Paravians is a good question.

   By Sundancer on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 - 06:10 am: Edit Post

I think Janny meant something more along the lines of the different skills people had. Lovely excuse to re-read and make a list as I go - so for example with Sight, there's Dakar's wild prescience, s'Ahelas far-sight, Jieret's Sight which sees truth and the future, Sulfin Evend's which sees the past, Sidir's (am I remembering the right person?) which is intuition, the tracker who they called up to stop Arithon and Elaira, Arithon's 'prismatic conscience'

Lysaer seeks 'sensitives', telepaths, clairvoyants and a number of other types for his priesthood. I wrote a list down then lost it :-(

Then there's water-based power like Elaira's and fire-based like Lirenda, blood magics like the hedge witches and the blind tribal seer (different from the hedge witches), and the augury using entrails.

There was a drifter seer in CotM who said 'then there will be war', on hearing the description of the princes just after they arrived but I don't think their way of seeing was described.

That's in addition to the Koriani and Fellowhip methods. What about Ath's adepts, does anyone recall prophecy there?

I don't think the Paravians use those skills, didn't Janny say somewhere that they sort of cross time, that by bineg in touch with the prime vibration thier knowledge is different?

I'll come back in a couple of months when I've had time to read the books all again and make a proper list.

   By Dorothy on Saturday, June 23, 2007 - 05:12 pm: Edit Post

There was also the tribesman in Sanpashir casting bones (I think) foretelling Arithon's landfall when he returned to rescue Fionn Areth in Grand Conspiracy

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