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   By HJ on Wednesday, February 14, 2007 - 05:54 am: Edit Post

I'm using my wife's logon to dedicate this poem to my wife, Bonesy, with love.


Please forgive the intrusion.
I have not posted before.
I wish to share my effusion
Before she opens the door.

The tempo might change. Be aware.
The rhythm might falter and stall.
The rhyming could stop, but I’m longing to share
My love for my wife with you all.

But how to begin, how to show
In words, mere words, what I know.
Allow me to leave the shackle and sleeve
Of this rhythm and rhyme ……
Let’s go.

Her bright eyes and smile
Shine in my mind’s eye
And her breath on my cheek,
Week on week,
Are part of her gift of faith
And I,
Though a man in the dark and deep of life,
Am happy to be humbled by her beauty,
To thrill at her magic and mystery,
To live with and learn her myth,
And I
Would sing to the world of my love for my wife and our life,
Want to shout that song so loud and long
Till I judder and shudder, little left
Save enough to give thanks for her gift ……

Right now, just simple emotion
Is all that I have,
And devotion.

I Love you Bonesy.

   By Beldarius on Saturday, May 08, 2010 - 04:02 pm: Edit Post

I wrote this poem for a comparative literature course (an open university one). We had to pick a theme from a list of words and I picked "carnival". Specifically Carnival of Venice.

Flash of Red

people in masks
birds angels devils
gold, red
black, purple

But he saw no colors
nor the fancy masks.
Gray everywhere
like death
and then

A flash of red

For a moment he saw it
there by the alley
and still he ran.
He tried to catch
the woman in red.

He ran around
the corner,
nearly losing her.
The woman turned
and waved her hand.

Another flash of red.

"No, this..." - he stopped
and looked at the sky
this red trickled in his eyes
like a veil and drowned him
and then

Just darkness.

I noticed after I had written this poem that it reminded me of my favorite short story, Edgar A. Poe's "The Masque of Red Death".


And this was inspired by Egyptian mythology one rainy night.

Chant for the Undying One

O Phoenix, let thy fire burn bright.
It is not yet time for thee to die.
Thy nest can wait. Thou will burn
When it is time.

Soar and fly,
Spread thy wings, o bird of lore.

Soar and fly,
Burning thy way thru the sky.

Leave a trail of fire as mark of thy flight
And never die away.

   By HJ on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 - 02:55 pm: Edit Post

Very poignant. I liked them.

x HJ

   By Beldarius on Friday, September 07, 2012 - 07:42 am: Edit Post

I wrote this poem several years ago, but I never really translated it into English until now. It's based on my original fantasy story.

The War of Ben Nathair

Flying, a great dragon presses on
Piercing through the clouds of rain.
A golden creature boldly soars
Toward the sun, a-glimmer as he goes.

Behind him glide with manes of black
Draconic lines, hundreds numbering.
Toward mountains of shadow they go
Toward their doom over forests old.

For eons they had called it home
Until foe came and took their land
Bearing magic evil, black arrived
Dark serpents with the prince.

The Shadow Prince they called him
Born in the shadows of mountains deep
Worried were dragons young and old
Their own prince slept deeply still.

Awake now the Rainbow Dragon
His land taken by the Shadow Prince
And his people half are gone
Wake him with the colored stones.

Bearers of the stones, come to me
Find me beneath mountains still.
Set the orbs and say the spell
Beneath the mountains wake I will.

   By Beldarius on Friday, September 07, 2012 - 08:21 am: Edit Post

Here's another one I translated only recently. There was a Finnish poet named Yrjö Jylhä and he wrote war poems that didn't glorify war, but instead were very realistic (he was an actual officer in the Winter War so he knew what he was talking about). I loved his poems so much that I attempted to copy his style. I didn't quite manage at it, but I'm happy with the result (if you so wished, you could imagine the two soldiers being Arithon and Lysaer XD).

Two Soldiers

Mist rising from the river
Blurries that which is clear
The land swept by heavy rain
Has been torn apart by war.

Black and white come together
Turning into gray as they meet
The smoky veil lifts in the wind
Revealing two soldiers a-standing.

For decades they have fought
To defend their cause and land
Now they rush to battle again
And thus falls one of them.

The one felled is truthful, good
The one victorious is evil, false
Both of their paths difficult be
But now toward the end they go.

The one felled rises, raises gun
And shoots his enemy a-standing
The assault repelled, he then
Reels at the strength of it.

This is their final fight
The fated path of both men
Years ago it was decreed
The way of peace is forsaken.

The smoky veil comes again
Covers the two warring men
One shoots, the question rings
"Which one of them it is?"

The smoky veil recedes yet again
And reveals a dead man in the soil
One of them has vanished away
As if he never existed at all.

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