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   By Frank T Davis on Friday, September 17, 2004 - 05:53 pm: Edit Post

I have read the following novels authored by Carol Berg:
"Transformation", published Aug 2000
"Revelation", published Aug 2001
"Restoration", published Aug 2002, and
"Son of Avonar", published Feb 2004. This last novel is book one of the "The Bridge of D'Arnath". When was "Guardians of the Keep" published? For some reason I am unable to find it on Amazon.

   By Sandtiger on Friday, September 17, 2004 - 07:02 pm: Edit Post

Guardians of the Keep just came out - Sept. 2004.

The other book that isn't on your list is "Song of the Beast" It was her standalone book. I think it came out in 2003.

Personally, I liked her Rai Kirah trilogy the best - and still consider Revelation my favourite of all her books.


   By Cheryl on Friday, September 17, 2004 - 07:50 pm: Edit Post

I just got Guardians this last week. Like Sandtiger says it was just released. Glad you read Carol, Frank. She and Janny are my favorites at the moment. Song of the Beast is a great one too. You need to find that in your store or on amazon.

   By B2 on Saturday, September 18, 2004 - 03:14 pm: Edit Post

Hello all, I must admit that I haven't read any of Carol Berg's stuff, but i have recently picked up Michael Stackpole's fanatsy novels: "Dark Glory War"(prequel for series), "Fortress Draconis" "When Dragons Rage" and finally the one book I had to wait for 9 months to come into paperback, "The Grand Crusade". These books are just FANTASTIC!! Certainly worth waiting for. Flavorful characters and excellent story lines. Check it out if you want, but I loved them.


   By Trys on Saturday, September 18, 2004 - 08:04 pm: Edit Post

I've read the first of Carol Berg's trilogy and have the others on the TPRP (to be read pile). I liked it a great deal. Thanks to Cheryl for recommending them to me.


   By Bruce on Saturday, September 18, 2004 - 11:19 pm: Edit Post

Just finished Heretic by Bernard Cornwell which was excellent it is historical fiction set in the hundred years war. On Carol Berg I just bought Guardians yesterday, have only read Son of avanor which I enjoyed. While at the bookstore yesterday I noticed that Greg Keyes and Terry brooks are signing there on Monday. So I will go back to Borders on Monday to get my Keyes books signed, I don't much care about the Brooks portion of the signing.

   By Neil on Monday, September 20, 2004 - 02:11 am: Edit Post

"Heretic", by Bernard Cornwell, is the 3rd in the trilogy. I liked it too. I can recommend this trilogy. I think it's Bernard Cornwell who did the sharp novels(?)

   By Cheryl on Monday, September 20, 2004 - 10:38 am: Edit Post

You're welcome Trys. I figured you'd enjoy Carol's books all of them are great. Even the heroine is good in Guardians and everyone knows I'm not big on heroines and more of hero fan. I do love the heroine in Son Of Avonar though. Bruce you must read Transformation by Carol also. Get all those in that trilogy for sure. It's the Rai-kirah trilogy and her best so far, but all are equally great like Janny's books are. I couldn't get into Michael Stackpole. I feel bad about that. He'll be at the con and I do want to meet him and get an autograph, but I've bought three of his books and never can get interested. Not sure why that is. I struggle with him though. He doesn't have that special thing I like the way Janny and Carol have. He just doesn't seem to have that with his characters, but I will try him again and figure out what's wrong. His stories sound good just don't know why I can't read more then 50 pages of his books. just strange with some authors.

   By Cheryl on Wednesday, September 22, 2004 - 01:42 pm: Edit Post

I thought I'd mention to Sandtiger and others here that I am totally baffled why my bookstores aren't getting in the latest Darkover series written by Deborah J. Ross and Marion Zimmer Bradley. I almost let the hardback go by me again. I remember Sandtiger wondered how I missed that hardback, that's how. My store's just aren't getting them in, but I've ordered A Flame In Hali it looks great. Just thought I'd let people know that's out the third in the Clingfire Trilogy I almost let another go by me. Without the newsletters on line and the ones I use to get in the stores I have nothing to let me know what's coming out anymore. It's like going back to the dark ages. I have that book on order now and thanks to DAW's newsletter and I'd not know about that. grin Do you have the third one yet Jana? Just wondering.

   By Sandtiger on Wednesday, September 22, 2004 - 03:43 pm: Edit Post

I knew it was out, but I won't buy it in hardcover. I enjoy the books, but they aren't on my "I can't wait a single second longer than I have to" list.

Funny, now that I think about it, my hardcover "Must Buy" list is relatively short at the moment. There are only four books coming out in the next twelve months that I desperately want to buy. (At least that I can name off the top of my head)

Janny's Traitor's Knot
C.J. Cherryh's Destroyer
Julie's Species Imperative: Migration
Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah's To Kiss or To Kill

And yet, all of those I am eagerly anticipating!