Janny was interviewed by Susan Klaus and Joe Dobzynski for the Authors Connection radio show in April 2012.

[download] (93MB MP3)

Janny was interviewed by Kghia Gherardi and Simeon Beresfor for the Off the Shelf podcast in March 2017.

Janny was interviewed for Travis Heermann's blog, Ronin Writer, in March 2009.

Janny was interviewed by John Hulet for the Fantasy Literature website in July 2008.

Janny was interviewed by Will Daniels (at Capricon XXVIII) for the Fantasy Literature website in March 2008.

Janny was interviewed by Claire E. White for the Writers Write website in 2002. This interview covered the Wars of Light and Shadow, various collaborations, Internet piracy, and other writing topics.

Janny was interviewed by Jean Marie Ward and Teri Smith (at Dragoncon 2002) for the Crescent Blues e'Magazine. This interview covered writing, artwork, music, and the Wars of Light and Shadow.

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