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Paravia Sketchbook

Wars of Light and Shadow
graphite drawings from the author's sketchbook.

Althain Tower
Croft Cottage
Ilswater River
Old Avenor
Old Mainmere
Pass Of Orlan
Ribbon Falls
River Valendale
Sunwheel Square
Valenford Bridge
West Gate
Gannisten Light

Arwent River
Athir Ruin
Clan Lodge House
Daenfal Lake
Overlook at Etarra
Rim at Athili
Tal Quorin River
Thembrel's Oak
Asandir at Ithamon
Clearing The Mistwraith

Falls At Lind's'taer
Fiaduwynne Circle
Issing River Gorge
The Stacks
Storlain Mountains
Torwent Harbor
Wilds of Carithwyr

Mathiell Gate
New Tirans
Rockfell Peak
Ruins at Old Tirans
Sea Gate
Watch Keep
Wyntok Gate

Cascain Islands
Erlien's Lodge Tent
Kelhorn Peaks
King's Grove
Meth Isle Fortress
Sanpashir Ruins
Tawbas Inn

Five Centuries Fountain
Davien, pencil study
Arithon, charcoal sketch
Arithon, head study
Arithon, sketch
Arithon, tracing

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