Child of Prophecy
A Wars of Light and Shadow short story

Meiglin lived under the shadow of a death sentence all her life, although she was townborn and kept ignorant of her ancestry. When the shocking fact of her birthright forces her onto the streets at fourteen years of age, she must flee with only the clothes on her back. Amid the tempestuous turmoil of the Mistwraith's incursion through South Gate, these are the lawless times, with clan survivors being hunted down for bounty. Alone, without kin, she has nowhere to turn, driven as she is by a blood-gifted heritage too overpowering to deny.

Available as an e-book exclusively in the Maitz and Wurts Studio Shop. This short story is best appreciated after completing Curse of the Mistwraith.

Book Cover
E-Book cover, © Janny Wurts

This short story was printed in the anthology, Masters of Fantasy.

Book Cover
edited by Bill Fawcett and Brian Thomsen
Baen Books, 2004

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