Master of Whitestorm
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E-Book cover, © Janny Wurts
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E-Book cover, © Janny Wurts
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UK cover, © Geoff Taylor
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US cover, © Janny Wurts

His past a mystery even to Haldeth, fellow galley slave and the one man he'd allow to name him friend, Korendir had sworn that the future would give him the wealth to build an unbreachable citadel against dangers both mortal and sorcerous. And, again and again, Korendir dared the impossible, facing the perils of a wizard-cursed kingdom, the dangers of an elemental's wrath, fatally poisonous attacks by a race of wereleopards, and finally winning the fortress he sought -- Whitestorm.

But the siren call of danger would not let him rest in the stronghold he'd so carefully built. And only time would tell whether death would defeat him before he found a prize far beyond riches -- the only treasure that could truly bring him peace...


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