Peril's Gate
Volume 6 of the Wars of Light and Shadow
Book 3 of Arc III: Alliance of Light
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Bloody ideology will tear apart the world's factions and unmask the pitfalls of prejudice...

When two half brothers gifted of Light and Shadow defeated the Mistwraith, its revenge left them cursed to lifelong enmity. Now, Lysaer and his Alliance of Light have raised new forces to bring down Arithon, Master of Shadow. The Koriani Enchantresses also seek to capture Arithon, and use him as their pawn to destroy the world's balance and break the Fellowship Sorcerers' compact.

Arithon must flee inland alone. Harried by winter weather and armed guards, he will ride into the teeth of Lysaer's specialized assault troops. His nearest defenders are Jieret's clan war band, a force too small to prevail, and too far away to bring rescue. Elaira, the enchantress who holds Arithon's heart, walks the narrowest path of all -- her choice: to betray the man she loves to the Koriani Prime, or to risk self-destruction in rebellion against her order...

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