Interactive Map of Paravia

Welcome to the interactive map of the continent of Paravia on the planet, Athera. This map allows you to navigate through the geographical regions of Paravia and learn about many of the places you have visited through the pages of the Wars of Light and Shadow series. Special thanks to Jeff Watson for creating it!

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Move your mouse pointer over the map. When the mouse changes into a 'hand' you have found a 'clickable' spot on the map. Clicking this spot will either zoom into a more detailed map of the area or display a popup with a description and/or image of the place clicked on. (We hope to update this map with modern, mobile-friendly navigation controls in the future).

The main map is divided into regions based on the five Kingdoms. Click on a Kingdom to zoom in closer. Some larger Kingdoms are subdivided into regions allowing an even closer look. When you've reached the smallest zoomable areas, cities, towns and places on the map have clickable areas. Clicking these will cause a popup to appear near the mouse pointer. Some areas contain an image from the Paravia Sketchbook. Popups that contain spoilers are marked with Spoiler.

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