Old News

Big news that I can finally share: Six Studios has acquired the rights to the first six books in the Riftwar Cycle (including the Empire Trilogy) for adaptation as a TV series!

Mara of the Acoma

I partipicated in a virtual panel discussing Fantasy Through the Decades with Michael J. Sullivan, Peter V. Brett, and Anthony Ryan (Beth Tabler, moderator) on January 28, 2022.

The draft of the final volume in the Wars of Light and Shadow series is DONE! Shown here is ground zero at my writing desk on the morning after. The major story points stayed true to the original one page outline that I first drafted back in 1972!

Writing Space

I will announce the official publication date ONLY when it is set in stone by the publisher to avoid disappointing anyone with a moving target.

Mara of the Acoma

Don Maitz and I have contributed art to several of the novels in Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar universe. In our shared Riftwar album, you can see the original cover art and illustrations I created for Grim Oak Press' limited edition of Daughter of the Empire (which I also co-authored with Ray).

Light and Shadows Roadmap

Download the Wars of Light and Shadows Roadmap to understand the Story Arc structure of the series. This navigation sheet shows how the individual books are grouped into Story Arcs, where each Arc hits a grand finale and finishes an inflection point.

E-Book Release

Five classics are now available in e-book format from Open Road Integrated Media: The Master of Whitestorm, Sorcerer's Legacy, and the Cycle of Fire (Stormwarden, Keeper of the Keys, and Shadowfane). Each novel features updated cover art, improved e-book layout, and carefully proofed text. The existing audiobooks for each novel are still available as well.

Sorcerer's Legacy is releasing March 9, 2021 in e-format from Open Road Media. Preorder your copy today!

Widowed by a violent conquest, imprisoned as a spoil of war, spirited Lady Elienne encounters a formidable visitation inside her locked cell. A powerful, unknown sorcerer promises her a reprieve in trade for a precarious fate: safe transfer from her ruined duchy to another world, there to become chosen bride for the Prince of Pendaire. But the perilous bargain depends on her late husband's unborn child, with the defenseless infant birthed as threatened centerpiece in a deadly struggle to upset the succession.

Alone with bare wits, Elienne faces entanglement in vicious intrigue, herself the target for ambitious usurpers already plotting Prince Darion's downfall through dark magic.

The Master of Whitestorm is releasing March 9, 2021 in e-format from Open Road Media. Preorder your copy today!

His past a mystery even to Haldeth, fellow galley slave and the one man he'd allow to name him friend, Korendir had sworn that the future would give him the wealth to build an unbreachable citadel against dangers both mortal and sorcerous. And, again and again, Korendir dared the impossible, facing the perils of a wizard-cursed kingdom, the dangers of an elemental's wrath, fatally poisonous attacks by a race of wereleopards, and finally winning the fortress he sought -- Whitestorm.

But the siren call of danger would not let him rest in the stronghold he'd so carefully built. And only time would tell whether death would defeat him before he found a prize far beyond riches -- the only treasure that could truly bring him peace...

I'm pleased to announce that the Cycle of Fire trilogy is releasing March 9, 2021 in e-format from Open Road Media. Preorder your copy today!

Three children, each of them flawed - Taen and her brother Emien, and a weakling scribe, Jaric, run afoul of a crisis created by a feud between sorcerers when Mankind's ancient enemies rise, and the demon races again try to meddle. They will find strength to overcome their adversities, or they will fail and fall to their destruction.

Grim Oak Press is publishing a special edition of Daughter of the Empire, featuring a full-color dust jacket and illustrations by Janny Wurts. This limited edition is signed by both co-authors, Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts, and can be pre-ordered through Grim Oak Press.

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