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Destiny's Conflict by Janny Wurts is now available through Harper Voyager!

The long-awaited second book of the fourth story arc - Sword of the Canon - in the epic fantasy series, the Wars of Light and Shadow.

Sweeping defeat of the True Sect warhost resets the stage of an epic conflict:

Divine avatar, Lysaer's unstable integrity lies under threat of total downfall, and as his determined protector, Daliana will face the most frightening decision of her young life.

Master of Shadow, marked for death and still hunted, Arithon's critical quest to recover his obscured past entangles him in a web of deep intrigue and ancient perils beyond his imagining.

Condemned initiate of the Koriathain, Elaira's urgent pursuit of the Biedar Tribes' secret embroils her in the terrible directive of the Fellowship Sorcerers, while Dakar the Mad Prophet confronts the hard reckoning for his misspent past, and Tarens is steered by a destiny far from his crofter's origins.

The penultimate volume of the Wars of Light and Shadows touches the grand depths of Athera's endowment, and delivers the thrilling finale of arc IV, the Sword of the Canon.

War, blood, magic, mystery - and the most hidden powers of all will stand or fall on their hour of unveiling.

Janny was interviewed by Kghia Gherardi and Simeon Beresfor for the Off the Shelf podcast in March 2017.

"Blood, Oak, Iron" by Janny Wurts can be heard on the Far Fetched Fables podcast.

Janny was interviewed by Susan Klaus and Joe Dobzynski for the Authors Connection radio show in April 2012.

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"The Vaunting" by Janny Wurts is included in Intelligent Design, an anthology of short stories published by DAWBooks and edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Denise Little.

Janny was interviewed by Jean Marie Ward and Teri Smith (at Dragoncon 2002) for the Crescent Blues e'Magazine. This interview covered writing, artwork, music, and the Wars of Light and Shadow.

Janny Wurts and Don Maitz have artwork included in The Fantasy Art Bible and The Future of Fantasy Art.

Janny was interviewed for Travis Heermann's blog, Ronin Writer, in March 2009.

"Cat Call 911" by Janny Wurts is included in Catopolis, an anthology of short stories published by DAWBooks and edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Janet Pack.

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