Q: When was Dakar the Mad Prophet born?

Dakar's birth date is actually listed as 5056 on his character reference notes, which is in line with both his making the West Gate prophecy at age 4, and his witnessing the last of the Paravian Dancers as a child (as a Fellowship ward, after his family ostracized him).

Q: How did Dakar come to the Fellowship's attention?

The Fellowship Sorcerers were quite well aware of Dakar, almost from the moment of his birth. His gift was not a quiet was the event of the West Gate Prophecy that truly shook the ground - Sethvir would have picked it up, loud and clear.

Q: I was wondering when Dakar is delivering a prophecy.....does he say the exact words the prophecy wants or does he use his own wording to describe the intent of the prophecy?

Depends on the prophecy.

If Dakar is aware, he "remembers" the scenes viewed after he awakens. The words he chooses would be colored by his interpretation. His interpretation might be "right on" or might reflect his perception of the event, colored by his personal awareness. The way this might happen was most clearly demonstrated when he "saw" the scene, as shown by Sethvir, of Mearn and Parrien's deception of Lysaer regarding the Riverton conspirators. Dakar "presumed" he saw deaths - Arithon "heard" the pitched frequency that said, not. Dakar interpreted wrongly. He can do the same thing with a scene or event.

This given, it would be DANGEROUS to presume he always sees a prescient event in distortion.

If his prophecy is a tranced one, this will not be an unfolding of prescience, but the Seer's Sight of Prophecy - the scenes may not be there at all - and would not be recalled, if they were, in any event. The words spoken in tranced Sight would be in strict accord with the event that provoked the prophecy. These auguries are utterly different in their source....NOT the same animal.

Stormed Fortress will reveal a bit more about Dakar's gift as Seer/Prophet - it is, put simply, more. Not all has unfolded at this time, and you haven't seen the depths, to know why, yet. All in good time, the steps are planned...

Q: How does Dakar's vision (or for that matter Jieret's sight or Koriani scrying) work? Is it just like watching a TV screen or can the scryer sense the energy or Name of the person the are scrying?

Dakar has what is known as the "gift of prophecy". His unconscious visions are those that are fated. He is not conscious of them because they originate outside of himself. He is the unwitting conduit.

Those insights he has while awake are within the domain of his selfhood - although he may not be conscious of where within himself they originate, they ARE within his scope...and accurate, depending upon which octave of existence his sight has tapped into. Some energy signatures are more probable than others. All have weight to them. Just being "warned" they are there would not be enough to shift that future - a change of course would have to result - a conscious change in the choices being made. These sorts of vision fall into the probable.

Jieret's Sight falls more into the catagory of Dakar's waking vision - but - due to his oath as caithdein, his visions that are tied to the realm would be more wakened, more immediate, more reliable, and more real. Higher frequency connection, as it were. Clearer channel to power. Past and future, seen outside of time/space are simultaneous....when the boundary blurs, it is in the 'moment' - and so, taps the energy of the 'moment' - which may or may not be mutable, depending on where the access point originates From.

Sethvir has a broader view - he sees the "picture entire" and can read where the general flow leads - in multiplicity - the further into the future, the more gray - he reads possible outcomes, based on the currents at play, and the edges blur more, Right turn, here, creates this outcome, left turn, that one; and of the two possibilities (or more!) there would then be exponential possibilities, and so on each generation. Sethvir can track any or all, only limited by what he can accurately hold in memory. The gift of the s'Ahelas royalty (foresight) in its awakened and most potent form ran along this avenue - but not with the breadth of awareness that Sethvir with initiate powers from the dragons, and the Paravian gift of earth-sight can bring to bear.

Koriani scryings are mechanical, an inception of energies, amplified in crystal, then turned to sight outcome. This creates blind spots - data out will ONLY be as good as data in....they use gifted talent, but - the amplification is not an aware process. Just as with a stereo amplifier, the gaps and distortions in the "recording" get amplified, and widen - the reproduction is never clear as the actual live performance.

Levels and layers of ways of viewing the possible, the probable, before they become actual - all run on the same energetic theory, but the method of access differs.

Strand casting and the calling of the Elements done at Earle - another method of viewing that access causal reality from OUTSIDE time/space.

Q: How'd the Mad Prophet get his name?

What a crack up!!! I'll have to ask the character! That's the way he introduced himself on the page...

So - you probably do have to be a "little" patient while I duck into his head and ask him. (grin)'s to do with a rather *colorful* incident, and a batch of town guardsmen driven stark, raving nuts by Dakar's eight weeks under a jail sentence....oh, it's a fun incident, all right, and will very likely surface in all its wild glory somewhere in some future volume.

As you might suppose, there were drunken bets over who was going to win at the dice game. It got out of hand in a spectacular way - and really -! Could distract me utterly from writing a chapter/scene that's been intricate decades in the planning.

This event could make a nice short story, at the least.

Q: I'm confused. In Traitor's Knot, Dakar seems to be unaware of his prophecy in the s'Valerient lodge tent, but is later able to remember it. I thought this wasn't possible?

Dakar was very drunk - and if you read the scene carefully - he mumbled what he saw aloud, and when pressed, did recall the scene from memory.

His deep trance prophecies cannot be pulled back into recall --

Already in draft, in SF, there is a scene that begins to deepen the understanding of Dakar's gift. Just another detail that's gonna unwind more fully...

This Series - cannot be assimilated ONE BIT until it is fully finished - nor can its parts and its arcs show their complete and final connection. Anymore than the presumption that this was "just medieval fantasy set on another world with funny names" (some reviewer's takes from CoTM) could hold water, NOW. The intricate depth of understanding of All the factions, building now, is utterly necessary to achieve the impact of the finale.

Would the scene in the Halwythwood grove have even Worked without prior understanding of ALL of the layers and multiplied levels upon which that one drew....I doubt it. The emotional tenor that was (hopefully!!) seamless would have been broken to bits, with fill in on what was happening on all the other levels and layers - as it was, the prep work was done in other scenes, in other prior volumes, and HERE the orchestration in that explosive moment of ALL those threads could be set in tight focus, and with minimal ballast...