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Continent of Paravia
Interactive Map

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Welcome to the interactive map of the continent of Paravia on the planet Athera. This map is designed to allow you to navigate through the various geographical regions of Paravia and to view information about many of the places you have visited through the pages of the Wars of Light and Shadow novels.
Layout: The main map is divided into regions based on the five Kingdoms with a couple of additional items. When you click on a kingdom the map zooms in to a map of that kingdom. Note that the kingdoms surrounding it are grayed out. This is deliberate as the focus of this map is on the selected kingdom. However, those gray areas are clickable as short cuts to the other kingdoms.

When you have zoomed in to a Kingdom map, the larger kingdoms are subdivided into regions. Clicking on these regions will zoom into a map of that part of the kingdom. Note the grayed areas are again shortcuts to get to other parts of the map.

When you've reached the smallest zoomable areas, cities, towns and places on the map have clickable areas. Clicking these will cause a popup to appear near the mouse pointer. In some cases the popup will contain an image from the Paravia Sketchbook for that place.

Warning: many of the popups on these maps contain spoiler information. The word Spoiler will appear in red above the spoiler part of the popup. In some cases the entire popup is a spoiler. If you have not read the books and do not want to have anything spoiled for you pay attention to the red Spoiler flag and don't read anything after it.

Navigation tips: Move your mouse pointer over the map. When the mouse changes into a 'hand' you have found a 'clickable' spot on the map. Clicking this spot will either zoom into a more detailed map of the area or display a popup with a description and/or image of the place clicked on.
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