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   By Andrew Ginever on Wednesday, March 15, 2006 - 09:11 pm: Edit Post

Hi Michael

For speculations about Ciladis, here's the theory I came up with a couple of months back, and Janny's reply. I think it's safe to post it here, because this is a TK thread (spoilers, just in case.)

>> We know that there is a sorcerer bound by sleep spells.
>> We know that Ciladis' colors have changed and that the only other sorcerer to have changed colors is Davien. It's a reasonably safe assumption to make that Ciladis has evolved, but not in the same direction as Davien, given that he's still corporate.
>> We know that Sethvir tried to recall Ciladis using the winds.
>> We know that Sethvir detected Davien's presence in Althain because of the tang of drake magic.
>> So here's the gist of the speculation:
>> Ciladis had changed (before he was sealed away, given that he doesn't appear to be interacting now). By sealing himself away he's denying the call of the drake's charge, which leads me to make the leap that he has achieved what Davien could not do, and actually break the drake binding on himself. (Hence the color change).
>> This would also conveniently explain the need for the sleep spells -- there's the possibility that if he broke the binding then he lost the unnatural longevity shared by his colleagues, and would be unable to remain this side of the Wheel for centuries without being tucked away somewhere.
>> More than one spell was needed to seal him away - I'm guessing one for each of the four elements (hence the inability of the wind summons to wake him).
>> Hunter and I had debated whether he might still be bound by the drakes' charge but I would have thought that Davien at least would have been smart enough to try to backtrace the drake magic residue on a sorcerer to determine his location. Either Ciladis broke it, or the Paravians are able to block it, or a living drake has decided to block it for reasons yet unknown.
>> If any of this is anywhere near on track, his return is going to throw a cat among the pigeons!
And Janny's reply:

Hi Andrew - grin.

What in interesting line of thought you two have cooked up....

Why NOT put that up in the chat - it's an interesting take, but....


(wry grin - just keep repeating Arc IV - that's where this bit of theweave is going to emerge in all its splendor - though no one need not know that since it might get repeated somewhere....)

Ciladis will reveal his own tale, all in due time! As will Davien....there will be more unveiling in Stormed Fortress


And that was that... it seemed like a good idea, but not on track. Does anyone else have any thoughts?

   By Neil on Thursday, March 16, 2006 - 04:52 am: Edit Post


Feel free to delete my opinion here, Trys ;-)

Not sure having the arc4 mention is a good idea? Seems to imply that Ciladis will come back into the action.

My take from this note is that the 7 will be reunited, black rose will prophesy will come to fruition. Arithon is key to restoring balance of some kind (we know this)

Feel free to delete my opinion here, Trys ;-)


Super idea Andrew. :-)

Davien pointed out to Arithon that Cliadis would be willing to speak freely the "force v choice" of preserving the paravians on Athera (for Davien the end is never in doubt).

Maybe Ciladis *chose* to protect - he was "closer" to the paravians(?); he was certainly gentler and Sethvir implies to Davien that Ciladis is somehow less able to withstand any human/paravian calamity (madness...maybe Ciladis is already slighty "unstable"? Could this happen to a F7 member? Traithe is frequency/physically hampered; 3 have had physical body losses, perhaps Ciladas is a "mental" casualty?).

Maybe the binding was no longer the no.1 control on his destiny (but again the other F7 members *would* notice...) to act although I suspect the binding exists still (Davien states that the fellowship have not found the means to break the binding. They have certaininly tried! (I feel from Davien's comments and "silence" so far)

Maybe the other 6 still resent the binding but Ciladis accepted it?

I suspect there are other "dimensions" to the story of which we are still ignorant :-) Of course...

   By Timothy on Thursday, March 16, 2006 - 10:08 am: Edit Post

Another little fact that we learned about Ciladis in Traitor's Knot is from Davien's conversation with Arithon. Or rather, two.

The first was that Ciladis was an incomparable healer. This was also evinced in a previous book (I do not remember which one) when Sethvir mentions how Ciladis hoped to transmute the affects of the Methuri in the Methurien. (Did I get all the terms right? I hope so...)

Another thing that we learned was that Davien said that Ciladis WAS the least shielded of all the Fellowship, which caused birds and other creatures to frolic and gather in his presence. Arithon then noted that Davien spoke in the past tense... yet at the same time still believed Ciladis was still alive. So perhaps when he changed, Ciladis became more shielded?

I need to look at the book again. When I came across those lines in a reread I did a double take, as the past tense must have been significant IF Arithon pointed it out.

I have no theory as to why he would have changed, but I thought I would share my two cents anyways!

   By Hunter on Thursday, March 16, 2006 - 09:55 pm: Edit Post

Presumably, although Ciladis was an incomparable healer, Traithe was beyond even his ability to heal?

In one way, it's not surprising at all that Sethvir can't find Ciladis using the earthlink - the earthlink links all items that are/were part of Athera. The great drakes evolved on Athera, Athera is the Paravian's home and all of humanity and their objects are part of Athera and included in the earthlink. There are several rather notable exceptions. Firstly, the Koriani focus stones came from off world and has been mentioned they are therefore outside the purview of Sethvir. Secondly there is the rusting hulk of the Fellowship's original space craft resting at the bottom of Crater Lake. Lastly, and perhaps most obviously, the Fellowship themselves are not native Atherans. They are from other world(s) so would not automatically be part of the earthlink on Athera. Hence it's highly plausible that Sethvir mightn't be able to locate Ciladis using the earthlink. Although one wonders whether the resulting drake binding, redemption and growth of the Fellowship on Athera has imbued sufficient "Atheraness" on them to be included?

What has happened to Ciladis and theories behind also greatly rely on whether one believes Ciladis was put under sleep spells voluntarily or involuntarily and whose sleep spells they are - are they Ciladis'? Paravians? Or perhaps he found a great drake? And is the unicorn standing guard over Ciladis in case Ciladis stirs early, or to stop someone else from stirring Ciladis? Dakar's vision of the Unicorn about to gore Arithon is the obvious candidate presuming Arithon learns how to locate the island where Ciladis resides.

I'm still a little perplexed why no character has bothered to ask Sethvir exactly where Ciladis was or what he was trying to do when he "disappeared" from view? It's probably relevant to a future story line, hence no mention, but seems an obvious question.. especially given Arithon spent 15 years criss crossing the seas of Athera trying to find where the Paravians might be - if I was Arithon I probably would have asked where Ciladis was going to look and start there.

Although, given where we've seen live or shades of Paravians - Eastwall Ath's hostel for Elaira, Kewar for Arithon and via Jieret's calling in Daon Ramon - Arithon might have been far better advised to head to his local Ath's Adept hostel, enter the sacred grove and make his need known there. I am suspecting that *looking* for the Paravians will forever be pointless - I would think Arithon should be travelling across the veil in search of the Paravians, something he should be able to do now with his magesight back and his initiate mastery courtesy of Davien.

Lysaer has visited several Ath's Adepts hostels and immersed himself in the sacred grove at Shaddorn (to it's detriment), Kevor similarly was redeemed through a hostel and Elaira met her unicorn in the sacred grove. Arithon, mage trained and Masterbard, has yet to visit a hostel of Ath's Adepts and journey into the sacred grove. I am wondering why?

   By Annette on Thursday, October 02, 2014 - 06:21 pm: Edit Post

I should think Arithon would not visit one of Ath's hostels because he would not want to endanger the adepts. And he already seems to be pretty well connected, so not in need of inspiration and guidance from the adepts.

If all the Paravians had crossed the veil, they would no longer figure in the strand castings would no longer be part of Athera. They are still on Athera, just shielded. Ciladis is still on Athera, and Sethvir cannot find him either.

Arithon seems to have no trouble finding a Paravian when he desperately needs one. Arithon sought the Paravians to ask for sanctuary and protection from the curse, maybe Arithon was looking for the wrong reasons? Maybe he never needed their protection?

I believe it was the potential for madness, that Ciladis is being protected from. Ciladis as a healer,closest to the Paravians, with the least shielding would have struggled with yet more bloody wars and the prospect of having to destroy humanity under the binding to the dragons. So with his permission, the Paravians have protected him, they would not have done it against his will. We know the Paravians are sheltering Ciladis, the Fellowship does not know. Offering Arithon the same protection would not have solved the problem, the Mistwraith's bane must find the solution if he wants peace. And if Arithon could come out of Kewar sane, despite what Morriel thought, Arithon is not likely to succumb to madness.

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